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I Got Rat Boy’s Teenage Fans to Give Me Style Tips

"I don’t know why your jumper is so fluffy. I’m not into it."
Niloufar Haidari
Bootymath's Guide to Better Living

Bootymath's Guide to Better Living: How to Watch Porn

Want to watch people make gang signs with their meat bits on camera like a pro? Let Bootymath guide you.
Bootymath's Guide to Better Living

Bootymath's Guide to Better Living: How to Manage Stress

It's 2016, and life isn’t getting any easier. Let Bootymath help you survive the madness.
Ask T-Pain

Ask T-Pain, Valentine's Edition: T-Pain Tackles Your Relationship Questions

T-Pain answers your questions about love, moving on, and telling the truth.
The Next On Tour

Baro’s Guide to Making It in Australia

The up-and-coming rapper’s advice to emerging artists—from releasing music for free to interacting with fans on social media.
VICE Staff
mandatory happiness

Laura Jane Grace on How to Be a Parent When You're Transitioning Genders

The Against Me! frontwoman kicks off the first installment of her advice column, Mandatory Happiness.
Laura Jane Grace
mandatory happiness

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Will Now Take Your Questions

Ask away. She will answer them in her new column, 'Mandatory Happiness.'
Noisey Staff
Ask T-Pain

Ask T-Pain: Am I a Failure?

Plus, how do you succeed when you feel like you're running out of time?
Ask T-Pain

Ask T-Pain: How Do I Stay Motivated When I Feel Negative All the Time?

Plus, T-Pain shares some tips on how to be creative.
Ask T-Pain

Introducing Ask T-Pain, a New Advice Column by T-Pain

Submit your questions to Noisey's new advice columnist!
Noisey Staff

Bad Advice... With Kitty Pryde - The Second Coming

Advice on how to build a good OK Cupid profile, how to play Street Fighter better and an explanation of why 4chan went to shit.
Luke Winkie

Bad Advice With Kitty Pryde

How to quit your crappy straightedge band, not run off with your 27 year-old boyfriend, and make your brother stop obsessing over Kendrick Lamar.
Luke Winkie