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Danny Brown - "Witit" (Official Video)

Danny Brown's "Witit" is basically the craziest, most futuristic rap song ever made, so to celebrate he got Bijoux Altamirano to whip him up a video inspired equally by .gifs and No Limit cover art.

Directed by Bijoux Altamirano
Fool's Gold Records

PRODUCERS:                                        Skye Skii, Jesse Miller-Gordon
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR:                        Shawn Regruto
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER:                      Lucas Woods
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY:          Andrei Zakow
STYLIST:                                                 Hayley Pisaturo
HAIR:                                                      Remy Moore
Make-Up:                                                Joel Vasquez
Production Manager:                               Lucas Woods
PAs:                                                         David Kepner, Jonathon Qualtere, Bryan Fox, Brewster McCann, Lamont Harper, Kyle Royce Haynes, Erica Jane Hicks, Ben Sporn

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