Indie Musicians And Their Pokémon Counterparts

By Luke Winkie


A few weeks ago, I compared indie rock bands to limited edition fast food items. I am proud to report that I felt no shame. A few days ago, I stumbled on to a picture of the Pokémon Koffing. Koffing is easily the greatest Pokemon of all time, and I got another idea: why not find the Pokémon look-a-like of indie rock icons and turn it into a feature? Seriously, why not? It won’t hurt you. So, for no particular reason other than my own amusement, please enjoy the following list.

Damian Abraham and Koffing

KEY SIMILARITIES: Prominent chest art, mischievous attitude, comparable smells (hypothetical).


Ezra Koenig and Squirtle

KEY SIMILARITIES: Diminutive frame, “down for anything” attitude, probably into waterslides.


George Lewis Jr. (Twin Shadow) and Alakazam

KEY SIMILARITIES: Both into “manly shit,” perpetually fucked-up moustaches, both can bend spoons with their mind.


Henry Rollins and Machoke

KEY SIMILARITES: Both exhibitionists, have horrifying gel-hardened hair, and those guns.


Carrie Brownstein and Charmeleon

KEY SIMILARITIES: Both fan favorites, capable of breathing fire, and have never taken any shit from anyone.


Andrew WK and Gyarados

KEY SIMILARITIES: Majestic looks, both masters of the aquatic, and both sure whines of a great party.


Spencer Krug and Raichu

KEY SIMILARITIES: Both into lightning bolts, charmingly doughy, and grossly underrated.


Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire and Muk

KEY SIMILARITIES: Both leave puddles wherever they go, both big hits at the strip club.



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