Gucci Mane Might Be in Jail, but He Did Not Kick Waka Flocka Out of Brick Squad for Having Sex with Selena Gomez


By Noisey Staff


Burr! Two important bits of Gucci-oriented news hit the Internet today, the first being that Gucci Mane is again in jail for beaning a dude with a champagne bottle at a club . Reportedly, the man was stanning on Gucci at a party for the release of his Trap Back 2. While Gucci might be in the hot box until his April 10th hearing, Gucci's attorneys are optimistic that he'll soon be free, given that they claim Big Guwop did not instigate the incident.

In case you haven't seen Spring Breakers yet, well, you should. Gucci Mane plays the bad guy named Archie, but really he's just playing Gucci Mane (in an interview with XXL, he said acting was, "As easy as rolling two blunts back to back."). One of the more bizarre bits of Spring Breakers gossip involved a rumor that Gucci Mane and Selena Gomez hooked up during the movie's filming. While it remains to be seen if that's actually true, his former brother-in-Squad-turned-frenemy Waka Flocka has definitively confirmed to AOL that he did not have sex with Selena Gomez and inadvertently cause the Guwop/Waka rift. "Ain't no woman on earth that bad that can go between family members or friends. Especially not a little young girl," quoth Waka Flocka Flame.

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