Festivals 2017

Bon Iver’s Dad Helped Me Discover the Secret Jazz History of His Hometown

How a weekend at Justin Vernon's Eaux Claires festival ended in the back of his dad's pickup and a trip to the dive bar down the road.
Katie Bain

I Washed My Dog with Big Boi from Outkast’s Dog Shampoo

$14.99 for a 10 ounce bottle may seem expensive, but this shit comes with the guy who closes “Int’l Players Anthem” on the bottle.
Andrew Winistorfer
festivals 2016

The Wisconsinites of Wisconsin's Eaux Claires Festival Weigh in on Wisconsin

We asked attendees at the Bon Iver-curated festival about their personal preferences regarding the state's most famous politicians, beers, quarterbacks and serial killers.
Katie Bain
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We Saw Bon Iver Debut the New Record '22, A Million' with a Bunch of Wet Wisconsinites

Justin Vernon and company played the new record at his music festival Eaux Claires in the north woods. Mother Nature was even in attendance.
Katie Bain

Tenement’s New Album Is a Little Less Punk and a Little More Pop

The Wisconsin punks add another piece to their musical puzzle.
Tim Scott

Defund Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Ego with These Punk Songs About How Much He Sucks

Proceeds from the 'UNINTIMIDATED: Musicians Against Scott Walker' compilation will benefit Planned Parenthood and Wisconsin soup kitchens.
Kim Kelly
Objectively Correct Lists

18 Scotts Who Go Harder Than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Union-busting, woman-hating, Muslim-bashing, KKK-sympathizing former presidential candidate Scott Walker is definitely the worst Scott Walker.
VICE Staff
Holy Shit

Bon Iver Shares "Haven, Mass (B-Side)," New Collaborations on Promotional Mixtape 'Deux'

The tape, released by the Eaux Claires Festival, teases the festival lineup with songs from the likes of James Blake collaboration Fall Creek Boys Choir, Tenement, and Shabazz Palaces.
Kyle Kramer

Brad Dassey, Half-Brother of Brendan Dassey from 'Making a Murderer,' Explains His Rap Track

Brad Dassey made "They Didn't Do It" to stand up for his half-brother, who is a key figure in the hit Netflix documentary.
Derek Scancarelli
Festivals 2015

Bon Iver’s Eaux Claires Fest: Hot As Hell, Nearly More Than A Festival

Justin Vernon's riverbank gathering tried and often succeeded to breathe new life into the summer festival circuit.
Andrew Winistorfer

PREMIERE: Surf's Up in the Middle of Wisconsin for Madison Trash Punks The Hussy

Check out a new surfy single from members of Nobunny.
Bryn Lovitt
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Why Do People Keep Calling Sturgill Simpson the Savior of Country Music?

We saw the potential bridge between Waylon Jennings and the year 2015 live in concert to determine if the hype is real.
Andrew Winistorfer