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Warren G Ain't Trippin, Ain't Mad, and Is Forever Hip-Hop's Unsung Legend

We sit down with the G-funk great to talk his new documentary, the birth of West Coast rap, and his legacy beyond "Regulate."
Torii MacAdams

Nocando's "True Autumn" Is An Impassioned Stream of Consciousness

The LA rapper releases the first track from his forthcoming EP.
Lawrence Burney
Remembering Things

Dâm-Funk Breaks Down the Freaky Influence of Electro Pioneers Uncle Jamm's Army

Ahead of a new documentary he scored, we join the LA funk scion in his studio to talk about growing up with the game-changing hip-hop crew, attracting women with vinyl, and why funk is like "a smile with a tear."
Torii MacAdams
New music

Here's Some New Shit from OG Big Wy and Earl Swavey

An OG and a YG have just dropped new projects.
Andy Capper

Cuco Is LA’s New Romantic, and He’s Only 18

Go Cuco Pebbles for the Kevin Abstract and Steve Lacey-cosigned singer’s new track “Lo Que Siento.”
Andrea Domanick

Snoop Dogg Shares "Trash Bags," His Strip Club Friendly New Single from 'NEVA LEFT'

The hip-hop legend drops the second single from his 15th studio album, 'NEVA LEFT'.
Noisey Staff

Hinds and Twin Peaks Are Having a Blast on Tour

Photographer CJ Harvey has been capturing the best moments from the Noisey-sponsored West Coast jaunt.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Presents

Noisey Presents Twin Peaks' West Coast Run with Co-Headliners Hinds

You don't wanna miss out, nerds.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

YG's Video for "Still Brazy" Is an Instant Blassic But You Knew That Already

This video is... very red.
Phil Witmer

Ty Dolla $ign Premieres His Documentary 'FREE TC,' a Short Film About His Brother's Incarceration

"This is really more than just an album; it’s about a movement. This documentary is meant to give the world a closer look at TC's story and what I'm trying to do with this album."
Eric Sundermann
we asked a smart person

We Asked a Linguist Why Alex Turner Now Sounds Like an Old Cowboy

Alex Turner's voice now sounds like Sean Bean doing a Bill Clinton impression at gun point first thing in the morning. We wanted to know why.
Dan Wilkinson
Holy Shit

Listen to Pretty Sister's "Drive," the Reason You Should Ditch NYC for LA

Top down, radio on, singing every word to a Tupac song.
Andrea Domanick