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Sasquatch! Music Festival Won't Return Next Year

"I will no longer be producing the festival, nor will it take place in 2019," the festival's founder, Adam Zacks, wrote in a statement yesterday.
Alex Robert Ross
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Fire Destroys Aberdeen Museum of History, Home to Kurt Cobain Exhibit

The fire broke out Saturday morning at the Armory Building in the center of Cobain's hometown. How much might be salvaged remains unclear.
Alex Robert Ross
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Nelly Reportedly Arrested on Suspicion of Rape

According to reports, he was arrested before tonight's show in Ridgewood, Washington.
Alex Robert Ross
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Janelle Monáe Speaks Fire, Performs “Hell You Talmbout” at Women’s March

"We’re going to have a moment together where we’re listening and we are in tune."
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Sleater-Kinney and Planned Parenthood's President Play "Fortunate Son" in DC

The National’s Matt Berninger and Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth also joined Cecile Richards on stage in DC.
Alex Robert Ross
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Let’s Make the Next Four Years Look Like Run The Jewels and Zach de la Rocha Playing in DC

“No matter who won, the day after tomorrow, this is our motherfucking country.”
Alex Robert Ross
Scene Reports

The Dream of the 80s Is Alive in Washington’s Heavy Metal Scene

The heshers behind this New Wave of Washingtonian Heavy Metal think that metal is ready to be catchy again.
Joseph Schafer
Music Video Premieres

JATA Strolls Around the Graveyard in the Video for "Don't Feel Like"

It also features a mask that looks suspiciously like it's been stolen from Kanye West's closet circa 2013.
Noisey Staff

Meet Aeon Fux, the Online Experimentalist Who Makes the Coolest Minute-Long Soul Songs You've Ever Heard

What's the common ground between FKA Twigs and doom metal? Let the Washington-based singer show you.
Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy

Stuff Your Gross Face with Hardcore by Watching Strange Wilds' New Video, "Slime"

Like every citizen of Olympia, all the members have already been in bands you haven't heard of.
Zachary Lipez