Important Questions Raised By...

I Got Rat Boy’s Teenage Fans to Give Me Style Tips

"I don’t know why your jumper is so fluffy. I’m not into it."
Niloufar Haidari
Important Questions Raised By...

Kids Don’t Know How CDs Work – Is That a Bad Thing?

"Maybe its just the generation Z in me but how did people burn CDs?" asks a 17-year-old. "Like how did you just get a blank CD and put songs on it?"
Ryan Bassil
we saw this

Placebo Still Capture All Your Angst As Perfectly As Ever

The band's sold-out London shows this week were a testament to how much they've mattered for more than 20 years.
Emma Garland

I Still Don't Really Get What Happened at the VMAs

MTV’s 2017 show featured Miley Cyrus singing to children, a moving statement against racism from a descendent of Robert E. Lee, and Katy Perry telling jokes about Twitter. What.
Colin Joyce
remember that?

Track-by-Track of Paramore's 'Riot!' Read Through Emo Teen Memories

2007 was one helluva year for straightened sideswept hair, chipped nail polish and feelings.
Noisey UK Staff
Kirby B. Partington
Bolu Babalola
Tom Connick

Listen To This 'Great Pile of Nothing,' The Second Release From Dutch Garage Rock Band Mozes And The Firstborn

Over the course of their second release, 'Great Pile of Nothing', the band sing about depression and all those terrifying existential feelings you get when you think about life a little too deeply.
Annalise Domenighini
Teen Time!

A Review of My Senior Prom, by a Teen

It’s the final blowout before graduation; it’s a school event, except you don’t have to learn anything. Is it the show of a lifetime?
Eli Zeger

Digital Life Becomes Real Life in Sarah Neufeld’s Video for “We’ve Got A Lot”

An integral part of Arcade Fire, Neufeld’s back with more solo stuff. Like “We’ve Got A Lot”—a gorgeous collage of the daily life of teenagers.
Annalise Domenighini
Internet Exploring

Listen to a Teenage Miguel And Blu Crush a Track Together

14-year-old Miguel and 16-year-old Blu were already stars.
Craig Jenkins
Holy Shit

Here's Travis Scott's Video for "Antidote," Which Takes Place in a Post-Apocalyptic Carnival

The single is from his newest album 'Rodeo.'
Eric Sundermann

Heavy 70s Teen Rockers Midnight Revisit Their Heyday & Revive Their Long-Lost Album

Their long-lost hard rock gem 'Into the Night' is back on wax.
J Bennett
Festivals 2015

We Attended a Music Festival with a Bunch of Fearless Teens

“My dad has no idea where I am right now.”
Andrea Domanick