New music

Investigate 311('s Cover of "Self Esteem" by The Offspring)

And then investigate The Offspring's cover of 311's "Down." Both singles came out this morning, as the 90s bands embark on a co-headline tour.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Childish Gambino Drops Two New Songs, Summer Officially Begins

Donald Glover's fresh singles "Summertime Magic" and "Feels Like Summer" provide a lighter contrast to "This Is America."
Phil Witmer
New music

Justin Timberlake's "SoulMate" Is Your Normcore Song of the Summer

JT has gone from the Man of the Woods to the Man of the Beach on his new, breezy single.
Phil Witmer
Important Questions Raised By...

Why Do We Associate Songs With Certain Seasons?

From golden synth lines to icy piano keys, music has long been linked with spring, summer, autumn and winter—I spoke to some experts about why.
Daisy Jones
Objectively Correct Lists

Bongs of the Summer, Ranked

The biggest hits of the season ahead.
Andrea Domanick
Pity Party

Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting" Is the Song of Every Summer

Full of possibility, the second single from Bush's 1985 album 'Hounds of Love' is a universal anthem for the summer months.
Lauren O'Neill
Important Questions Raised By...

Teens Tell Us Definitively What the Song of the Summer Is

Everyone knows teenagers are music's great uncredited tastemakers anyway.
Deborah Ijaduola
Ryan Bassil's Fantastical Emporium of Music as Magic (and sometimes shit)

“Won’t You Meet Me By The Lake?”

Not unlike a movie director, Tyler, the Creator has created a living, breathing world where summer never ends.
Ryan Bassil

Rat Boy’s “Laidback” Video Looks Like How Summer Nights Should Feel

The blissful, self-directed new clip comes ahead of Rat Boy's upcoming debut album, 'SCUM.'
Daisy Jones

Pressa Hits the Beach and Is Still More Successful Than You in "Baby Girl"

Canadians wish they had these kinds of seasons.
Phil Witmer

Just Phat and Funky Wheelies With Royal Canoe and Begonia in "Fussin'"

The soundtrack for extremely fussy babies on bikes this summer.
Devin Pacholik
Holy Shit

Here's a Surprise New Burial EP to Creep You the Hell Out

'Subtemple' does not care about your summer, pal.
Alex Robert Ross