Nervous About Your Small Collection of Post-Punk? Try Viagra Boys Today!

The Stockholm six-piece are signed to the same label as Yung Lean and Bladee, but they sound more like The Stooges.
Daisy Jones
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Read Bob Dylan's Genuinely Very Humble, Moving Speech on Receiving the Nobel Prize

Not once have I ever had the time to ask myself, "Are my songs literature?"
Alex Robert Ross

Dog Orchestra’s Debut EP Contains One of the Standout Tracks of 2016

The Stockholm/Berlin based duo's tales of millennial materialism has created something greater than your average dream-pop experience.
Noisey Staff
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The ABBA Museum, Which Exists, Is Weird as Shit

ABBA: The Museum doubles as the Swedish Music Hall of Fame because ABBA were to Swedish pop music what The Beatles were to rock.
Drew Millard

Stockholm’s D-Beat/Crust Lords Victims Sound the Alarm on Their New LP, 'Sirens'

"It would be comfortable to sing about war, sound like Discharge, and have pictures of blown-up babies on the cover on every record, but it would also be boring. "
Jamie Ludwig
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Watch Mapei Rap in Swedish and Take Over Stockholm in MXHXN's Insane "GÄÄHDA" Remix Video

MXHXN teams up with Mapei, Lazee, Ivory, Gedz, Nimo, and A-Keyy(bbe). How do you say "lituation" in Swedish?
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Meet the 22-Year-Old Girl Behind Drake's Dad's Upcoming Music Video

Her name is Nikeisha Andersson and she's more successful than you.
Caisa Ederyd
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Miasmal Advocate Old School Death Metal Purity with "Call of the Revenant"

Stream the new Gothenburg-by-way-of-Stockholm hate, for the first time
Fred Pessaro