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Holy Shit

Shirley Manson Walks Us Through Her First-Ever Performance with Fiona Apple

Plus, check out the exclusive full video and behind the scenes photos of Manson and Apple performing the glorious fuck-you that is "You Don't Own Me."
Eve Barlow

'L7: Pretend We're Dead' Is the Most Intimate Depiction of the Riot Grrrl Pioneers

Guitarist/vocalist Donita Sparks explains the trailblazing feminists' hands on approach to their long-awaited, emotional new documentary.
Zena Tsarfin

Some “Fucking Moronic Questions” for Shirley Manson on Garbage’s New Book

The iconic frontwoman talks about taking on the music industry, why the band never wore flannel, and that one time she pissed through a photo shoot.
Dan Ozzi
noisey and friends

Noisey & Friends: The Orange Episode Feat. Andrew WK, Garbage's Shirley Manson, ho99o9, and Chela

Chela dives into alt dimensions, beings from other worlds, new age spirituality and then does a song and dance about her discoveries. Seriously.
Noisey Staff
music videos

Garbage's Video for "Magnetized" Is a Science Experiment Gone Wrong

Dr. Manson will see you now.
Noisey Staff
First Dates

I Fell a Little Deeper When I Went on a First Date with Kristin Kontrol

No longer Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls, these days she's Kristin Kontrol. We talked about everything from IUDs to dancing around in our underwear. Of course.
Kim Taylor Bennett
First Dates

Shirley Manson Asked Me Out for Sushi for Some Reason

A Garbage singer meets a garbage writer.
Dan Ozzi

Shirley Manson and Butch Vig on 20 Years of ‘Garbage’ Queering Up the Mainstream

Reflections on sexuality, subversiveness, and selfishness as Garbage prepare for an intimate anniversary tour of their debut album.
Music Video Premieres

Brody Dalle: "Meet The Foetus / Oh The Joy" (Feat Shirley Manson)

We're mad excited to have the premiere of Brody's first ever solo video.