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Remembering Things

Remember When MC Hammer Was a Bat Boy for the Oakland A's​?

On Opening Day of the MLB season, we look back at the baseballingest rapper of them all, MC Hammer, who got a taste for the executive life long before "U Can't Touch This."
Alex Robert Ross

Ezra Feinberg's Meditative Instrumental "God Sized Hole" Will Chill You Out

The opening song from the former Citay frontman's debut solo record is a minimal, new age song that'll lull you into relaxation before building to something overwhelming.
Alex Robert Ross

Flesh World Return With More Dreamy and Moody Punk

The four-piece's new album "Into the Shroud" draws from history and literature.
Tim Scott
we saw this

Jawbreaker’s Reluctant Return, 21 Years After Their Implosion

The band that always said they'd never reunite took the stage in San Francisco this weekend, and got the welcome they deserved.
David Anthony
Noisey on VICELAND

Here's the Full Episode of 'NOISEY: Bay Area' Starring E-40, G-Eazy, Nef the Pharaoh, and More

The first episode of NOISEY's second season on VICELAND examines how the tech industry and gentrification has played a role in music and art in the Bay Area.
Noisey Staff
Scene Reports

The Bay Area Is Still the Rap Capital for Nonconformists and Self-Made Hustlers

Nef the Pharaoh, Tia NoMore, Kamaiyah, and more lead the current Bay Area scene.
Nastia Voynovskaya

How Will DIY Communities Survive in America?

Community members across the country talk about what their future may look like.
Lawrence Burney

Immerse Yourself in Chasms's Ecstatic Dream in Their New Video for "Beyond Flesh"

Watch the ghostly new video, which accompanies the San Francisco duo's latest album, 'On The Legs Of Love Purified.'
Kim Kelly

Terry Malts Return with More of That Good Time Californian Power Pop

Listen to the opening single from the band’s first album in three years.
Tim Scott

Even by Late-70s San Francisco Standards, MX-80 Sound Were a Wonderfully Weird Musical Oddity

Stream the reissues of MX-80 Sound's first two albums 'Out of the Tunnel' and 'Crowd Control' and read an interview with vocalist and guitarist Rich Stim.
Tim Scott
festivals 2016

The Scenes of Outside Lands 2016: Music, Muppets, and Mayhem

Rain and fog couldn't stop 70,000 fans from turning out for the bacchanal of food, booze, and great tunes.
Andrea Domanick

Lipstick, Bros, and the Grateful Dead: A Conversation with Nick Monaco

Recorded at a studio owned by Bob Weir, Monaco's new LP 'Half Naked' finds the club kid leaning into complex, guitar-tinged pop—with achingly beautiful and unabashedly sexy results.
Katie Bain