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Royal Headache Is Dead, Long Live Shogun

With his new project Shogun & The Sheets, the once-inscrutable frontman of the late Royal Headache is ditching all the punk and all the bullshit of his old band.
Shaad D’Souza

From Cold Chisel to Craft Beer: The Gentrification of Pub Rock

Young bands sporting mullets and boogying to classic rock are met with scepticism from some, for others they're a continuation of an Australian tradition.
Vincent Dwyer
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Watch Royal Headache Perform on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Yes, Shogun wore a dinner jacket for the band’s debut US network television appearance.
Noisey Staff
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Watch Royal Headache Slay On the Big Stage at Primavera Sound

Check the Sydney band performing “High” and “Another Word” at the Barcelona festival earlier this month.
Noisey Staff
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I Asked a Doctor Why I Got Goosebumps While Watching the Buzzcocks

Why did my skin pucker-up like a plucked bird all weekend?
Josh Gardiner
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Golden Plains Proved Eddy Current Suppression Ring Still Has Australian Rock by the Throat

The Melbourne four-piece return to the stage for the first time in six years and prove that they remain the Best Rock Band in Australia.
Tim Scott
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We Partied with Royal Headache, Sheer Mag, and the Gotobeds in Brooklyn

See photos of the night brought to you by Noisey and Shiner.
Noisey Staff
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Summer’s Almost Over, So Let’s Party with Royal Headache and Sheer Mag in Brooklyn!

And beer! For five bucks!
Noisey Staff
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On the Couch with Royal Headache: Heartache, Torment, and the Perfect Melody

Plus don't miss the premiere of their new video for "Carolina" from the incredible 'High' LP!
Tim Scott
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Total Control and Royal Headache at the Rickshaw Stop

"Thanks to Donald Trump. Thanks to ISIS. Thanks to Goebbels. Thanks to Uber. They're all Australian. Everyone's an Australian."
Chris Zaldua

Royal Headache Is Here to Take You to "Another World" with Their Latest Power Pop Masterpiece

Stream the track from the forthcoming LP 'High,' due via Whats Your Rupture? on August 1.
Noisey Staff

Stand and Stare: A Portrait of Royal Headache’s Shogun Is Competing in the 2015 Archibald Prize

The painting captures the brooding intensity of one of Australia's most enigmatic frontmen.
Noisey Staff