Important Questions Raised By...

The Stories Behind Homemade Mixtapes People Have Been Given

“If he knew me at all, he'd know I hate these bands.”
Daisy Jones
Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked Hayley Kiyoko Fans About Their First Major Crushes

"She was just, like, so mysterious and arty, and she wanted to take my picture.”
Rosie Hewitson
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Dev Hynes Plays Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Lover in Her Dreamy New Video

This age-spanning story makes "Dead Valentine" look really really good.
Daisy Jones
Noisey UK Staff

Nilüfer Yanya’s New Video is a Very Aesthetic Ode to Drugs, Sex and Romance in London

“The Florist” captures that specific feeling of having fun and getting high but knowing it won't last.
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lana Del Rey's New Video for "Love" Is the Apocalyptically Romantic Clip the Song Deserves

It's directed by Rich Lee and it makes you want to fall in love, and then maybe drive into the sun.
Alex Robert Ross
Objectively Correct Lists

Stop Masturbating or Crying and Let the Gentleman of Grime Restore Your Faith in Romance

Loyalty? Honor? Pride? Grime’s love songs are based on the tenets of 19th-century courtship.
Kamila Rymajdo
First Dates

"Not Everything Is Going to Be Rainbows and Fairies": My First Date with Cher Lloyd

Over fish and chips with the English pop star, we talk love, plastic surgery, and losing yourself to start again.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Eat Fast Explore Modern Romance on “Public Display of Affection”

“Let's get married in a corner shop.”
Noisey Staff
First Dates

Sex, Love, and 'Lady Wood': A First Date with Tove Lo

"What's the word for a female hard-on?" Good question! I grabbed some cocktails with the Swedish spitfire.
Avery Stone
First Dates

I Fell a Little Deeper When I Went on a First Date with Kristin Kontrol

No longer Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls, these days she's Kristin Kontrol. We talked about everything from IUDs to dancing around in our underwear. Of course.
Kim Taylor Bennett
festivals 2016

Can You Find Love at a Music Festival?

Two sexy sweaty singles investigate.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Annalise Domenighini

PREMIERE: Watch Violent Femmes' Video for "Issues"

The Milwaukee legends wrote a song about the complexity of human relationships which was then perfectly distilled into this stick figure drama.
Matt Williams