Riot Grrrl

Holy Shit

Bikini Kill Are Reuniting

Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, and Tobi Vail will be joined by guitarist Erica Dawn Lyle for shows in New York and Los Angeles through the late spring.
Alex Robert Ross

'L7: Pretend We're Dead' Is the Most Intimate Depiction of the Riot Grrrl Pioneers

Guitarist/vocalist Donita Sparks explains the trailblazing feminists' hands on approach to their long-awaited, emotional new documentary.
Zena Tsarfin

From Kittie to the White Swan: Mercedes Lander Is Still Here

The former teen metal prodigy-turned-heavy music lifer talks her new band, adulthood, riot grrrl, and touring with Slipknot.
Lindsay Burgess

Le Tigre Talk Clinton Support, Disabling the Comments, and Secret Feminism in 2016

"It's actually very disturbing to see the unacceptable hate speech emerging from Hillary's critics from the right and from the left."
Kathy Iandoli
Q&As w/KTB

Kathleen Hanna on Tokenism, Therapy, and Where Riot Grrrl Went Wrong

The leader of The Julie Ruin and Le Tigre sat down with us for a particularly hard-hitting episode of Q&As w/ KTB.
Kim Taylor Bennett

PREMIERE: Skux Emerge With a Riot in Mind on 'The Two Sides of She'

The collaboration between Ayisha Jaffer and The Death Set's Dan Walker is off to a flying start.
Alex Robert Ross

With The Julie Ruin, Kathleen Hanna Hits Reset

Hanna's most personal record yet is about "finally being able to write songs about my own personal anger, not just about my political anger," she says. "I've really had to relearn how to exist."
Artemis Thomas-Hansard

Hunger Makes Us Modern Fans: An Interview with Carrie Brownstein

The Sleater-Kinney guitarist's memoir releases this week so we sat down with the 41 year old legend to talk about her influence, the future, and Young Thug.
Bryn Lovitt

Listen to the First Song from Kitten Forever's New Album, '7 Hearts'

The instrument-swappin’, telephone-screamin’, Beyoncé-supportin’ three-piece is ushering in a new wave of Midwestern riot grrrl.
Dan Ozzi
Scene Reports

Welcome to Girls Rock! Camp, Iowa City's Breeding Ground for Feminists of the Future

Girls Rock! Camp is founded on the Riot Grrrl philosophy that you do not have to be technically proficient. You just have to be brave.
Alyse Burnside
Holy Shit

Bikini Kill Drop Previously Unheard Track "Ocean Song"

Recorded years and years ago this tune was inspired by her time spent working at an abused women's shelter in Olympia.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Firsties and Faves

Firsties and Faves with Modern Day Riot Grrrls Kitten Forever

We talked to Kitten Forever about their fave Spice Girls, first heat-breaks, and Sylvia Plath tattoos.
Bryn Lovitt