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Donald Glover Fans Swarmed a Donald Trump Subreddit to Reclaim "The Donald"

Make America Gambino Again.
Dan Ozzi
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Vince Staples Says He's Bumped Travis Scott the Most This Year

And everything else we learned from his Reddit AMA.
Lawrence Burney
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A Genius Turned Desiigner's Nardwuar Interview into a Beat That's Harder Than Diamonds

If Desiigner rapped on a beat made out of Desiigner sounds... We must go deeper.
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Tyler, The Creator’s Original MySpace Page Featuring Six Songs From 2008 Has Emerged

Because we all love an origin story.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

A New Avalanches Video Just Leaked on Reddit and You Need to Watch It Now

Try and spot the amazing number of TV and film references in The Avalanches new short film 'The World of Wildflower.'
Noisey Staff
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Tyler, the Creator Responds to Fan on Reddit: "Sorry I'm Not Sad"

"ohhh, it was cool when i was raping girls and telling you how sad i was on records, but when shit changes and im feeling great and i fuck with myself you cant deal with it?"
John Hill

NO COMMENT: Why Do So Many Musicians Act Like Terrible People Online?

What happens when the veil of internet anonymity is dropped and you know exactly who’s coming after you?
Meredith Graves
Festivals 2014

Festival Free Love Is Being Turned into Non-Consensual Porn by Reddit Masturbators

Yes, there is a sub-Reddit called "Festival Sluts."
Noisey Staff
sam wolfson
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The Good, the Bad, and the Thirsty of Diplo's Reddit AMA

It's time to learn some more information about Diplo, and also the extreme thirst that exists for Diplo.
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50 Cent Did an AMA and We All Learned Some Things

Mainly, we learned that 50 Cent is both amusing and great at evading questions.
Julie Mitchell