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Every Nerd You Meet on Record Store Day

From the guy who complains about the day's commercialization to the guy who dutifully buys whatever Bob Dylan exclusive crap they've got, here are all the characters you can expect to encounter.
Dan Ozzi
New music

Listen to a Run the Jewels Demo of Extremely Hard "Panther Like a Panther"

Now everyone who didn't line up for ages can enjoy the Record Store Day cut.
Lauren O'Neill
Important Questions Raised By...

Does Anyone Still Give a Shit About Record Store Day?

Has it been ruined by major label releases and weasels flipping everything on eBay or is it still "Christmas" for music fans? We asked the people of Sheffield.
Daniel Dylan Wray
Noisey News

The Smiths (Well, Probably Morrissey) Etched "Trump Will Kill America" Into New Vinyl

The *extremely bold* statement appeared on The Smiths' Record Store Day 7-inch.
Alex Robert Ross
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4/20 Just Ended and The War On Drugs Is Back

The Philadelphia rock band’s new song, “Thinking of a Place,” will be issued on 12” vinyl for Record Store Day tomorrow.
Alex Robert Ross
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Let's Talk About This 'Space Jam' Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue

"I Believe I Can Fly" is here to save your soul.
Alex Robert Ross

How Can We Make the Vinyl Boom Sustainable for Fans?

The current boom is creating lifelong fans from a new generation, and it goes beyond buying “special edition” vanilla chocolate-swirl reissues.
Eddie Cepeda
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How to Sell Your Old Vinyl and Not Get Screwed

Your old records may not be worth as much as you'd hoped, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cash in on the vinyl resurgence.
Eddie Cepeda

Stream the Soundtrack to La Dispute's 'Tiny Dots' Documentary in Full

Listen to the original score and live performances from the documentary ahead of its release as a Record Store Day exclusive.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Father John Misty Wins for Most Adorable Record Store Day Release Ever

Listen to "I Loved You, Honeybee" and "Never Been A Woman."
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Run the Jewels Just Dropped a Fire New Track for Record Store Day

Listen to "Bust No Moves" right here.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Blur's New Single "My Terracotta Heart" is a Beautiful Bummer

Listen to another new track off the Brit-pop heroes' upcoming new album.
Noisey Staff