People Just Do Nothing

The Kurupt FM Guys Tell Us All the Ways to Fuck Off Forever

The last season of 'People Just Do Nothing' starts today, so here's Grindah, Beats, Steves and Chabuddy G's advice for you on leaving jobs, friendships, group WhatsApps and more.
Hannah J Davies

Nervous About Your Small Collection of Post-Punk? Try Viagra Boys Today!

The Stockholm six-piece are signed to the same label as Yung Lean and Bladee, but they sound more like The Stooges.
Daisy Jones

T.I. on 15 Years of 'Trap Muzik': "I Wanted to Make a Classic"

The legendary rapper talks to us about the 2003 album that helped give trap its name—and yes, Gucci Mane comes up, too.
Thomas Hobbs

All Hail YBN Nahmir, Rap's Reluctant Boy King

The 18-year-old's breakout "Rubbin' Off the Paint" has already gone platinum. With a new project imminent, we catch up with the rapper to talk about what's next.
Nate Louis

Baths' New Album Is a Warm Fantasy World

The Los Angeles producer/songwriter came out of a period of darkness to make one of the year's warmest, most inviting records.
Danika Harrod

Norway's Sløtface Are Making Pop Punk Bang Again

On "Nancy Drew" the band reinterpret the teen detective as a superhero who dismantles the patriarchy of indie music's boys club. Hell yeah!
Noisey UK Staff
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

Bookmark This Page If You Need a UK Helpline for Mental Health in Music

How charity Music Support sorted a 24/7 switchboard for people in the industry living with mental health and addiction issues.
Rachel Finn

Glasgow Duo Kelora Talk Us Through Their New, Unsettling "Nightingale" Video

Nothing like an abandoned stately home off a motorway covered in glass and plastic bags to make you reflect on broken social structures.
Noisey UK Staff
The Brits

Let’s Revisit That Time Geri Halliwell's Giant Inflatable Crotch Was at the Brit Awards

Artist Robin Harries takes us behind the scenes of that TV moment from 2000—and looks back at designing a George W Bush effigy getting a blowjob from a dog.
Kieran Yates

We Spoke to One of the Women 'The Guardian' Thought Was in Rae Sremmurd

We figured we'd call rapper Gizzle after her face was mistakenly printed on thousands of papers across the UK.
Tshepo Mokoena