On The Road with...

On the Road with Shame, One Tasteless Live Show at a Time

We hit the road with South London's new favorite misfits as they embark on wrecking America's stages.
Eve Barlow

Ilsa's Rotten Satanic Antifascist Death/Doom Will Make Your Ears Bleed

Stream the DC death/doom punks' raging new album, 'Corpse Fortress,' out March 2 via Relapse Records.
Kim Kelly

Watch the New Video for "Gotta Live It" From Folk-Punk Legend Sunny War

War calls it "a very personal song about my struggle with alcoholism, my dysfunctional love life and the confusion I face daily participating in this rat race society."
Annalise Domenighini

Raw Punk Godfathers Anti Cimex Are Dead But Still Angry

Drummer Charlie Claeson looks back on 25 years of Scandinavian hardcore punk, his views on punk rock and anarchism, and swears there's no reunion coming.
Kim Kelly

Get a Fucking Earful of Fucked And Bound's Vicious Feminist Hardcore

Stream 'Suffrage,' the furious, nihilistic debut from this Seattle hardcore unit (featuring members of He Whose Ox is Gored).
Kim Kelly
Noisey Presents

Noisey Presents: Turnstile's 'Time & Space' Tour with Touché Amoré, Culture Abuse, and Razor Bumps

We have a pre-sale code for you and, oh yeah, there's a new Turnstile song called "I Don't Wanna Be Blind."
Noisey Staff

Clear a Path, Motherfuckers, Primal Rite Is Here

Power Trip's Riley Gale talks to vocalist Lucy Xavier about her band's hardcore ethics, the fluidity of gender, and the wisdom of Bruce Lee.
Riley Gale

Agrimonia’s New Album Shows What Can Happen When Crust Grows Up

The Swedish post-metal iconoclasts display deep crust punk roots on new album 'Awaken,' and the way they interpret the genre says a lot about its past—and its future.
Kim Kelly
New music

Hinds Return with "New For You," Announce Second Album

'I Don't Run,' the follow-up to 2016's 'Leave Me Alone,' is out April 6 on Mom + Pop.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

It Looks Like The Distillers Are Making a Comeback in 2018

Are you ready to be liberated?
Ryan Bassil
New music

Happy New Year! Here’s a Surprise New Jeff Rosenstock Album!

'POST-,' the punk singer's third studio album, came out on New Year's Day. It rules.
Alex Robert Ross

Seattle Punks Who Is She? Make Gossip Radical

The trio's debut LP, 'Seattle Gossip,' rifles off pop culture references without pausing. Right now, that's a statement in itself.
Annie Fell