Little Ugly Girls Are the Legendary Oz Punks You Never Heard About

Listen to the first single from the band's debut album, 20 years in the making.
Shaad D’Souza
To Hell And Back

Satan Deserves Better Than Slayer

Thoughts on the International Day of Slayer, plus a bunch of killer bands like Tomb Mold and Necros Christos that you should listen to instead.
Kim Kelly

Cassus' 'Separation Anxiety' Is Inventive Screamo That Hammers at Capitalism

We premiere the English emoviolence crew's endlessly vital new album and talk to them about surviving in a future that seems designed to bring you to the depths.
Daniel G. Wilson
New music

Fucked Up’s Cover of “High Rise” Will Rip You a New One

The beloved Canadian punx deliver their take on The Train Spotters 1979 release for a new 7 inch.
Lauren O'Neill

Stream Wax Idols' Sinister and Unsettling New Album 'Happy Ending'

The band's new record is drenched in layers of post-punk, goth rock, and new wave—and boy oh boy does it kick ass.
Will Schube

Did SSION Just Quietly Release the Most Astonishing Album of the Summer?

The cult DIY hero has returned after seven years—this time with a record featuring Sky Ferreira, Ariel Pink, Hole’s Patty Schemel and more.
Daisy Jones
Noisey News

Watch The Distillers Play Their First Show in 12 Years

Brody Dalle and co. performed a roaring set of certified classics in San Diego a few days ago. Check out the action for yourself here.
Lauren O'Neill
First Dates

I Took Every Member of 5 Seconds of Summer on a Date to Nando's

We spoke about fame, boy bands, and how we are all hurtling towards our inevitable deaths.
Daisy Jones
New music

Hey, Billie Joe Armstrong's Surprise New EP Is Pretty Good!

The Longshot, which seems to feature the Green Day frontman's son Joey on drums, quietly released a self-titled three-song sampler overnight. I like it!
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

The Thermals Are Breaking Up, and That Sucks

The Portland-based indie band are calling it quits after a 15-year career in which they barely put a foot wrong.
Alex Robert Ross

Sarah Shook Has Words for the Rich-Ass Motherfuckers of Pop Country

The North Carolina cowpunk band is back with a new album and a new take on life. Stream 'Years' now.
Annalise Domenighini

Watch Shanghai Hardcore Punks Spill Your Guts Run Wild Across Russia

The band spent two weeks touring through Russia, documenting the most chaotic moments of the journey in their new video, "Get Impaled."
VICE China