Welcome to Oliver Coates' World of Pure Imagination

The British composer's new record 'Shelley's On Zenn-La' shimmers with a rare otherworldly joy. It's inspired by the death of the Silver Surfer and the birth of his son, which makes more sense than it sounds.
Lewis Gordon
3 days ago

Inside the Highly Strange World of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

How an unlikely punk kid from Scranton began an emotional trap phenomenon called Gothboiclique, now forced to move forward after Lil Peep's passing.
Emma Garland
indie rock

The Slow Return of Duster, the Lo-Fi Trio Who Secretly Changed Indie Rock

After 17 years, the California trio are back in the studio and putting the finishing touches on an archival set for Numero Group. It's a good opportunity to dig into their "desperate, purring distress."
Brian Coney

Fire-Toolz’s New Album Finds Beauty and Chaos in the Old Internet

The Chicago producer and songwriter channels a life online, a history in Midwest emo, and a love for complex, heavy sounds into a computer music masterpiece.
Colin Joyce

Sam Morrow's Cynical Joy Finds LA Country at Its Best

On his third LP, the rising LA country star is taking more chances and giving fewer fucks. Watch the premiere of his "Quick Fix" video below.
Will Schube

World's Fair Will Make You Believe in New York City Again

The seven-man Queens group is getting ready to put out ‘New Lows,’ a long-awaited debut loosely inspired by Elvis Guesthouse. But it almost didn’t happen.
Phillip Mlynar

This Band Photographer Smoked Weed Once and Says He Wrote the Next Bible

Will von Bolton smoked weed for the first time and it changed his life, leading him to write the 'Loophole to Happiness,' which is not so much a religious text as it is an operating system for your mind.
Jeff Gage

The Rebirth of William Doyle, the Artist FKA East India Youth

After anxiety and a relentless schedule drove him away from music, Doyle has returned with a record inspired by his experiences of British suburbia.
Tom Connick

Dilly Dally Almost Died

The Toronto band nearly broke up after their breakout ‘Sore.’ Out of the ashes comes their new album ‘Heaven,’ the group's most dynamic work yet.
Jill Krajewski

R. Girardin’s New Record Is ‘Emotional Music’ for Unfeeling Technology

The Los Angeles composer transmutes the man-machine symbiosis of 21st century life into a collection of lively and light synthesizer instrumentals.
Colin Joyce

Legendary Experimental Composer Jon Hassell Is Still Dreaming Up New Worlds

On his new album, Hassell continues his lifelong exploration of the style he invented, Fourth World, which essentially means collaging folk music traditions with abstract electronics.
Keagon Voyce

Surviving the Last Days of Excess with Oneohtrix Point Never

The world is overwhelming, and the Brooklyn-based composer is just trying to process it all on his wonderfully all-over-the-place LP 'Age Of.'
Colin Joyce