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Willie Nelson Would Like Jeff Sessions to Smoke Weed, Please

"I'd like to suggest to Jeff to try it and then let me know later if he thinks he's still telling the truth," the 84-year-old told the Rolling Stone.
Alex Robert Ross
Weed Week

The Guide to Every Shitty 420 You're Guaranteed to Have

Ironically going to a Slightly Stoopid concert is the worst idea you've ever had.
Noisey Staff
Weed Week

The Time I Got Stoned and Listened to My Washing Machine

What is noise, really?
Kyle Kramer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Kimmel Congratulates Migos on Smelling the Most Dank

“Willie Nelson has been here, Snoop Dogg has been here. You smoked them all out.”
Alex Robert Ross

THE TELL Is a New Podcast Where Your Fave Musicians Share Their Best Tales

Wanna hear TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone tell an intimate story that's both creepy and extremely amusing? Well here's ep one of THE TELL and there will be plenty more where that came from.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Counterpoint: Sigur Rós Is Actually Good and Here's Why

We've examined the Innis and the ()s of the matter, and we have an answer.
Kyle Kramer
Longreads Or Whatever

Let's Get Drunk in the Morning and Take the World by Storm: An Interview with Lukas Graham

Lukas sells out 10,000 seaters in Europe and now "7 Years" is scaling the US charts. His music's pop, but his story's way weirder than you'd think.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Weed Shit

Congrats to the Mars Volta Man on Smoking $1,000 Worth of Weed Per Week

That seems somewhat higher than average!
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Ducktails Share "Headbanging in the Mirror" Just in Time for Your Wake 'n' Bake

The band announces a new record called 'St. Catherine' on July 24.
Eric Sundermann
Holy Shit

Watch 2 Chainz Debate Weed with Nancy Grace

2 Chainz: One. Nancy Grace: Zero.
Drew Millard

Get High as Fuck with Cannabis Corpse

They’re like Cannibal Corpse—only really, really baked.
J Bennett
New music

420 Dope Things About Young Thug's "Stoner" Video

Birdman is in it, for starters.
Kyle Kramer