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Sports Bra's New Power Pop Gem "Survival" Is An Ode to Trans Rights

The first single from the Sydney band's second album is a statement to the world that trans people won't be erased.
Shaad D’Souza
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Investigate 311('s Cover of "Self Esteem" by The Offspring)

And then investigate The Offspring's cover of 311's "Down." Both singles came out this morning, as the 90s bands embark on a co-headline tour.
Alex Robert Ross
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ONLY's 'Talk' EP Pours the Emotion of Hardcore Punk Into Hooky Indie

Members of Have Heart and Guns Up! change course for their first outing as ONLY.
Lauren O'Neill
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I Took Every Member of 5 Seconds of Summer on a Date to Nando's

We spoke about fame, boy bands, and how we are all hurtling towards our inevitable deaths.
Daisy Jones
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Hey, Billie Joe Armstrong's Surprise New EP Is Pretty Good!

The Longshot, which seems to feature the Green Day frontman's son Joey on drums, quietly released a self-titled three-song sampler overnight. I like it!
Alex Robert Ross
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Sum 41's "In Too Deep" Was Almost a Reggae Song, Apparently

Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook told the Blink-155 podcast that Greig Nori wrote it as a collaboration with Snow. It would totally have worked, too.
Alex Robert Ross
Remembering Things

How 1978 Kicked Off the Explosion of Pop-Punk

Forty years ago, a burst of bands like the Buzzcocks, the Ramones, and the Undertones led a burgeoning subgenre that rebelled against punk itself.
Jason Heller
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The Ataris' Ex-Bassist Got Indicted for Scamming a Shitload of People

Michael Davenport allegedly ran a bogus real estate telemarketing agency that raked in $27 million from 100,000 customers.
Phil Witmer

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Quest to Defend Pop Punk

A talk with the retired NASCAR driver about how discovering The Dangerous Summer shifted his musical gears.
Luke O'Neil
Important Questions Raised By...

We've Got Some Takes on the Good Charlotte Christmas Album We Haven't Heard

Prepare your ears and stockings, 'A GC Christmas: Part 1' will be with us soon.
Noisey Staff
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Here's Blink-182 Playing in a Living Room for Steve Aoki's 40th Birthday

"Nobody likes you when you're 40, Steve"
Lauren O'Neill
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Tom DeLonge Loves Space So Much He Started a Space Research Company

Maybe 'Aliens Exist' after all! Haha!
Lauren O'Neill