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This Simpsons-Gorillaz Mashup Is Better Than Mouthwatering Steamed Hams

NPCarlsson’s “Feel Good Inc.” remix of Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers’ iconic “Steamed Hams” is an unforgettable luncheon.
Jill Krajewski

A Look Back at Hipgnosis, Pioneers of the Avant-Garde Record Cover

The English design group dreamed up iconic covers for Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, and more.
Demented Burrocacao
blind spots

Alex Lahey Listens to 'The Dark Side of the Moon' for the First Time

Welcome to Blind Spots, in which we force some of our favorite artists to finally check out the most famous albums they've never heard.
Josh Terry
Objectively Correct Lists

Songs to Listen to As Your Eyes Are Fried by the Eclipse

We'll see you on the dark side of the moon.
Phil Witmer
Jabbari Weekes
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Breaking the Harry Styles Album Down into All the Songs That Influenced It

Yer Dad's record collection and every band who sat on MTV’s brown couch in 2007 are all represented.
Emma Garland
Noisey News

A Shrimp Species Has Been Named After Pink Floyd Because It Yells Louder than a Rock Concert, Man

Introducing: Synalpheus pinkfloydi.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

David Bowie Is Making Stamp Collecting Cool Again

Even from beyond the grave, the man can do anything.
Noisey Staff

Hear Cody Jinks Cover Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

In light of today's inauguration, the song’s lyrics seem a little more poignant now, especially coming from a guy like Jinks.
Annalise Domenighini

The Ruins of Beverast's New EP Is an Experimental Orgy of Spiritual Psychedelia

Stream the extremely surprising new EP 'Takitum Tootem!,' which includes a meditative "wardance" and a warped Pink Floyd cover.
Kim Kelly
Holy Shit

Oldchella Is Going to Kick So Much Ass

This festival features The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters, and The Who, and it's gonna rule so hard.
Phil Witmer

From Broken Roofs to Broken Marriages: Meeting Some of the Most Obsessive Vinyl Hoarders

Welcome to a world where people make huge sacrifices just to feed their engrossing love for music.
Oobah Butler

Roger Waters: Still Kind of Full of Piss and Vinegar

The legend opens up extensively about his solo work, career with Pink Floyd, and staring down the inevitable end.
Jonathan Dick