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Stream of the Crop: 9 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New projects from Earl Sweatshirt, Meek Mill, and The 1975 top this week's list.
Noisey Staff

Get Lost in Kelly Moran's Multi-Dimensional Piano Music

The composer and pianist, now touring in Oneohtrix Point Never's band, has a new album of more free-flowing improvisatory music called 'Ultraviolet.' It feels both personal and infinite.
Sam Goldner
New music

Oneohtrix Point Never's Demo for Usher Is a Portal to a Weirder Timeline

Daniel Lopatin shared the instrumental, which would eventually become the 'Age Of' track "The Station," via SendSpace.
Phil Witmer

Surviving the Last Days of Excess with Oneohtrix Point Never

The world is overwhelming, and the Brooklyn-based composer is just trying to process it all on his wonderfully all-over-the-place LP 'Age Of.'
Colin Joyce
stream of the crop

Stream of the Crop: 9 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New albums from Kanye West, Father John Misty, and Oneohtrix Point Never top this week's list of essential new projects.
Alex Robert Ross
Colin Joyce
Lawrence Burney
Ryan Basill
Sarah MacDonald
New music

Oneohtrix Point Never's New Ballad "Black Snow" Is Creepy as Fuck

The first single from 'Age Of' features ANOHNI, along with production assistance by James Blake and a typically strange video.
Phil Witmer
New music

Oneohtrix Point Never and Ishmael Butler Debut New Group 319

They shared a song called "The Rapture" through Adult Swim's Singles Series.
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Oneohtrix Point Never Remixes Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation"

As apart of Kenzo's fall/winter 2016 fashion show, OPN delivered a free form interpolation of the original track.
John Hill
Longreads Or Whatever

"Why Is It Hard to Stand Up?": An Interview with ANOHNI

ANOHNI—formerly Antony Hegarty—discusses her new project, her name change, and the challenge of writing politically charged pop music.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Cybergrunge and Future Electronics: Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

This week, Robert Christgau tackles the newest releases from Oneohtrix Point Never and Arca.
Robert Christgau
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Wow, This Video From Oneohtrix Point Never is A Virtual Nightmare

Repossession Sequence, which comprises four OPN tracks, is the virtual conclusion to our home melting into the ground.
Noisey Staff

Oneohtrix Point Never Just Wants You to Be a Good Person

Daniel Lopatin opens up about his many faces, his complex new record 'Garden of Delete,' and doing data analysis in college.
John Hill