The Prodigy's Keith Flint Has Died at 49

The musician was found at his home on Monday morning.
Noisey UK Staff

In 2018, Death Metal Reigned Supreme

As the world burned around us, a new class of forward-thinking bands rose up from the ashes to remind us that only death is real.
Joseph Schafer
To Hell And Back

Noisey's Year in Metal 2018

Noisey metal editor Kim Kelly shares her Best of 2018 list, reflects on the past year in metal, and looks to the struggles ahead.
Kim Kelly
Noisey News

Mac Miller Has Died at 26

The rapper was found in his San Fernando Valley home.
Noisey Staff
in memorium

Mark E. Smith Was a Complicated Bastard

The Fall frontman was ornery and confrontational, but we loved him for it.
Jason Heller
New music

Obituary Still Can't Escape Those Damn Zombies in "Ten Thousand Ways to Die" Video

The death metal OGs take on the animated living dead to celebrate their new self-titled album.
Phil Witmer
Noisey Shreds

Feral Cats and Fender Strats in the Death Metal Capital: Noisey Shreds with Obituary

In this new episode of our heavy metal series, we head down to Tampa, Florida.
Noisey Staff

Our Man, the Sophisticate: Robert Christgau Remembers Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen—poet, novelist, and musician—represented something, regardless of age, we all wanted to become.
Robert Christgau
In Memoriam

Dead or Alive Frontman Pete Burns Dies Aged 57

The trailblazing singer has been described by friends and family as "a true visionary."
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Florida Death Metal Greats Obituary Just Dropped a Brutal New Single, "Loathe"

The gods of death are back! Stream a brand-new track from their upcoming live album, '10,000 Ways to Die.'
Kim Kelly

Terence Hannum of Locrian's New Novel, 'Beneath the Remains,' Is Pure Death Metal Escapism

The experimental musician tackles his greatest challenge yet: a poignant novel about two brothers, set in death metal-era Florida.
Dan Marsicano
In Memoriam

Prince Wrote About Women in a Way That Most Contemporary Male Artists Still Can't

Women usually exist in men’s songs as passive objects, which is to not exist at all. With Prince, they were addressed with awe and empathy.
Emma Garland