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Interpol Return with "The Rover," Announce New Album

The NYC post-punk revivalists revealed details about 'Marauder,' out August 24, via a livestreamed press conference.
Phil Witmer
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Halsey Gave a Righteous, Moving Speech at NYC's Women's March

The singer's poem "A Story Like Mine" is a candid account of her own experiences of sexual assault, and a testament to the fact that most women have similar stories to tell.
Lauren O'Neill
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50 Cent Is Blamed for "Pulling Apart" New York City's Rap Scene on Hot 97

Fif also discusses turning down half a million dollars to campaign for Trump.
Phil Witmer

Get Your Face Punched by Sick Feeling's "Sure, OK"

The hardcore band returns with some new mayhem ahead of their upcoming New York City show, presented by Noisey.
Noisey Staff

Unearthly Trance Is Born Again

Listen to the cult NYC doom trio's ominous new album, and find out why they're back (and what they're smoking these days)
J Bennett
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By Norse and Enslaved Brought Norwegian Art and Black Metal Magic to Life in New York City

December's New York By Norse event combined Bronze Age instruments, Norwegian politicians, Enslaved's progressive metal, and much more in an epic celebration of Norwegian culture.
Ben Handelman
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The World Needs PWR BTTM

I found the best fucking band in the world playing the back room of a London pub, in all their queer and sparkling splendour.
Lauren O'Neill
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Revisiting JohnnyThunders and the Heartbreakers's 'L.A.M.F.' Live at Bowery Electric

Members of Blondie, Guns 'N Roses, MC5, and The Replacements gathered at Bowery Electric to pay tribute to the New York Doll's most iconic moments.
Caryn Rose

Jay Boogie Doesn't Want to Catch Feelings On "Body Principles"

But the rapper is still accepting flowers and Edible Arrangements.
Max Mohenu

Chain’s Sleazy Hard Rock Travels From the Streets of New York City to Tasmania

Stream Chain’s new demo, inspired by the dirty sleaze metal and hard rock of the 70s and early 80s.
Tim Scott

PREMIERE: Death Vacation's 'Bones Grow Cold' Is a White-Hot Hardcore Punk Rager

The NJ/NY quartet's snarling, vitriolic take on hardcore is firmly rooted in grindcore and crust—punk to the bone, but far beyond basic.
Kim Kelly

Bangladeafy's Jon Ehlers Is Doomed to Play Rock Music, Hearing Disability be Damned

Stream the NYC proggy drum'n'bass duo's bewildering new EP and read an interview with Ehlers on disability representation, jazz, and hearing aids.
Alex Deller