Norwegian Black Metal

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Watch the Terrifying Trailer for 'Lords of Chaos'

The Jonas Akerlund-directed film, based on the true story of the notorious black metal band Mayhem, comes to theaters on February 8.
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Mayhem Vocalist Dead Is Brought Back to Life Through a New Collection of His Letters

'Letters from the Dead' offers insight into the real Dead—a homesick Swedish kid obsessed with vampires and best known for his morbid role as the first Norwegian black metal casualty.
Andrea Bosetti

Avant-Garde Black Metallers Fleurety Return with a Stellar New Album

The legendary Norwegian experimental black metal outfit is about to release their first new LP in 17 years—and we're streaming it right here.
Cheryl Carter

Emperor and the Nature of Evil

Before playing the band's 1997 classic 'Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk' at Norway's Tons of Rock Festival, Ihsahn sat down to discuss luck, Bulgakov, and Iron Maiden.
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Read Thurston Moore's In-Depth Interview with Black Metal Icon Necrobutcher

The Sonic Youth guitarist sat down with the Mayhem founder to discuss Venom, punk rock, and Necrobutcher's new book 'The Death Archives'
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Watch Metallica's Blood Soaked Video for “ManUNkind”

Jonas Åkerlund is helming the 'Lords of Chaos' movie and this Åkerlund-directed video features the first look at his fictional version of the band Mayhem, which includes actor Rory Culkin.
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The Vikings are Coming! Noisey Presents Enslaved, Wardruna, and More at New York By Norse

Prepare for a Norwegian invasion on December 9 and 10, 2016!
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Thurston Moore Is Putting Out Necrobutcher's Black Metal Book, 'The Death Archives'

Read an exclusive excerpt, in which a young Mayhem gets a crucified mouse in the mail.
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PREMIERE: Avantgarde Black Metal Lords Arcturus Prove that the Game Is Far From Over

Listen to the earth-splitting new track, “Game Over,” from this trailblazing black metal supergroup.
Jonathan Dick

Entomb Yourself Within Execration's 'Morbid Dimensions' of Norwegian Death Metal

Get familiar with the best Norwegian death metal album of the year.
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