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An Energy Healer Gave Emma Louise A New Voice

How a spontaneous trip to Mexico and an encounter with the Greek god Zeus led to 'Lilac Everything', the Australian singer-songwriter's weird, wonderful new album.
Shaad D’Souza
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The Goon Sax Are Indie Pop's Next Best Mess

The Brisbane trio is set to win the hearts and minds of lovesick kids around the world with the release of 'We're Not Talking', their second collection of guitar pop miniatures. They just have to find their keys first.
Shaad D’Souza
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GAIKA's Revolutionary Music Could Change Everything

Drawing on the legacies of dancehall, trap, and all sorts of other borderless music, the Brixton-raised musician imagines a utopia where the whole world is at his fingertips. And yours too.
Gary Suarez
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Rap Needs Q Da Fool's Relentless Storytelling

The Largo, Maryland rapper is the hottest artist in The DMV, and now with some help from Roc Nation he's set to amplify his voice across regional lines.
Lawrence Burney
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Tierra Whack Is the Philly Surrealist Taking Rap into Another Dimension

A day in Philadelphia with the 22-year-old creator of a strange and wonderful universe she calls 'Whack World.'
Kristin Corry
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Eartheater Is the Future of Everything Weird

The Queens-based composer and performer's new record 'IRISIRI' is a step into the unknown, and a reminder that our physical vessels are always in flux.
Colin Joyce
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King Vision Ultra's Ambient Rap Beats Are Protesting a Broken System

The producer and labelhead best known as Geng turns his communitarian spirit on his own work with a doomy, noisy, beat tape inspired by his past in hip-hop and the pain caused by the justice system.
Colin Joyce
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Lil Baby Is Destined for Rap Greatness

The prolific Atlanta star has only been rapping a year and has already made his name as one of the city's best storytellers. Drake's a fan—it's only a matter of time before everyone else is too.
Kyle Kramer
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Lil West Is the Delaware Loner Forging Rap’s Strange Future

Holed up in a small town, the 19-year-old rapper and a crew of producers he only knows online are creating a genreless utopia from leftover scraps of trap, emo, EDM, and a whole lot more.
Colin Joyce
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Forth Wanderers Are Indie Rock's Next Great Nostalgists

Now signed to Sub Pop, five college-aged childhood friends from New Jersey keep growing up together on their blissful self-titled album.
Leah Mandel
Noisey Next

Kaytranada Will Just Keep Getting Better

In this Noisey Next video, we catch up with the 25-year-old Haitian-born producer to talk about his rise from SoundCloud to stardom.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Next

Shame Have Been Stupidly Lucky But Deserve It All

They're one of many guitar bands knocking the teeth out of south London, one sweaty and shirtless gig at a time.
Jamie Milton