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‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Was Alright, but It Could Have Been... Verrry Niiiiice!

The Queen biopic was better off without Sacha Baron Cohen's gritty vision of frontman Freddie Mercury's life story...... NOT.
Dan Ozzi
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'Slice,' Starring Chance The Rapper as a Pizza-Delivering Werewolf, Is Out Now

Zazie Beetz, Hannibal Buress, and Joe Keery also star in Austin Vesely's slasher-comedy. It's up on Google Play and iTunes now.
Alex Robert Ross

We Talked to Future’s Personal Photographer About Life in ATL

On the eve of film 'Superfly,' photographer Anthony Hilliard chronicles Future's life of dice, Lamborghinis, and a bottomless stack of one dollar bills
Anthony Hilliard
Aidan Johnston
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Kendrick Was Only Meant to Do “a Few Songs” for ‘Black Panther’

Then he watched it and decided it was so good he had to curate the whole soundtrack.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Here's Josh Homme’s Soundtrack for the Palme d’Or-Nominated ‘In the Fade'

The OST, quietly released on Friday, is inevitably a little frustrating, but unmistakably the work of Homme.
Alex Robert Ross
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Run The Jewels and Big Boi Are Extremely Dismissive of Babies on “Chase Me”

The Danger Mouse-produced track comes from the soundtrack to Edgar Wright's new movie, 'Baby Driver.'
Alex Robert Ross
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Here's a Trailer for the New Iggy Pop and Josh Homme Movie, 'American Valhalla'

The documentary tells the story around Iggy's brilliant 'Post Pop Depression' LP.
Alex Robert Ross
Behind The Lens

Dip Behind the Scenes of Tove Lo's Movie About Her Self-Destructive Alter Ego

The Swedish live wire teamed up with Free the Nipple Movement founder Lina Esco to make the boundary pushing short 'Fairy Dust.'
Avery Stone
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Let's Remember That Steve Bannon Tried to Make a Rap Movie About the LA Riots

A rap movie based around Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus,' no less.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Those Who Can, Peach: Here’s the Trailer for RiFF RaFF’s New Movie, ‘The Peach Panther’

Starring Perez Hilton, The Fat Jew, Sid From Slipknot, G-Eazy, and a terrifying, implacable existential unease.
Alex Robert Ross

Watch This Exclusive Clip From 'Oasis: Supersonic'

Boozy brawly brothers on a boat!
Kim Taylor Bennett
Noisey News

Oasis Turned Down ‘Trainspotting’ Soundtrack Because They Thought It Was About Trainspotters

The band didn't realize it was actually a black comedy about heroin addiction.
Noisey Staff