'Sharp Objects' Composer Alexandra Stréliski Explains Her New Album

The 'Sharp Objects' composer abandons stability to produce her most intimate album yet for 'INSCAPE.'
Corinne Przybyslawski

Shad and Kaytranada Question Peace On Cool-Spirited "The Fool Pt. 3 (Frame of Mind)"

The evolving Toronto artist premieres his new single and talks upcoming album 'A Short Story About A War' and the city's current political climate.
Noisey Canada Staff

Devon Welsh Is a Voice of Reason on His Solo Debut 'Dream Songs'

Stream the Majical Cloudz frontman's debut solo album, a record made for introspective weirdos like you and me.
Eric Sundermann

Sick Things Rock Out and Embrace the Mythology of Power-Pop in "Sick Thing"

The Montreal rock and rollers have a video and song for the kid in all of us, so we talked to them about 'Almost Famous' and watching Quebecois men flying on jetpacks.
Daniel G. Wilson

Enter the World of Spectral Wound's Black Satanic Glamour

Stream the Montreal black metal collective's stunning new album, 'Infernal Decadence.'
Ben Handelman

Coeur de Pirate’s Therapeutic Release from Her Ghosts

The Montreal singer talks about her fourth record, 'en cas de tempete, ce jardin sera fermé,' the #MeToo movement, and overcoming her trauma.
Sarah MacDonald
Noisey Hitlist

Depart the Earth With The Beat Escape’s "The Moon In Aquarius" Video

The Montreal dream-pop group make trance-like music for international cosmos lovers.
Ryan Bassil
New music

Tell Depression to Fuck Off with Lonely Parade’s “I’m So Tired”

The post-punk trio’s first single with Buzz Records tackles mental health with dark humour and melodic, contagious math-rock energy.
Jill Krajewski
New music

Zach Zoya's Pedal-to-the-Metal Speed-Rap Will Have You Asking "Who Dat"

The Montreal MC uses his words as literal weapons as he goes on Marvel-esque adventures in his new video.
Phil Witmer
New music

Helena Deland's "Take It All" Tackles The Reality of Romantic Expectations

The Montreal singer tells us over fuzzy drums that love, in fact, stinks.
Sarah MacDonald
Noisey Next

Kaytranada Will Just Keep Getting Better

In this Noisey Next video, we catch up with the 25-year-old Haitian-born producer to talk about his rise from SoundCloud to stardom.
Noisey Staff
New music

Cam Maclean's "Where I Go" Is a Super Chill Meditation on Death

It's Canada. We never freak out about anything.
Phil Witmer