Ness Nite Is Not Your Typical Pop Dream Girl

Stream the Minneapolis-based artist's journey through the night in her debut LP, 'Dream Girl.'
Kristin Corry
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A Prince Songwriting Credit Is Going for the Low, Low Price of $490,000

Former studio owner Chris Moon has put his credit on "Soft and Wet" up for sale on eBay because nothing is sacred.
Lauren O'Neill
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The End of the Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis' Most Important Punk Bar

A night of mourning (and celebration) for the venue that was the heart of the Midwestern music scene.
David Anthony
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Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü Drummer and Songwriter, Dies at 56

The news was confirmed by his bandmate, Bob Mould, Thursday morning.
Alex Robert Ross

Listen to Buildings’ Lean, Focused, and Abrasive New LP, ‘You Are Not One Of Us’

The Minneapolis noise-rock trio’s third LP is a honed-in marvel.
Alex Robert Ross
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In the Twin Cities, Every Day Is Prince Day

Last night in St. Paul, Stevie Wonder and a collection of musicians paid tribute to the Purple One for six hours. It wasn't long enough.
Nathan Sacks
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Watch Metallica Play 'Hardwired' Live for The First Time

The band debuted the lead track from their forthcoming album at Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium on Saturday night.
Noisey Staff
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The Revolution Will Reunite For Prince Tributes at Minneapolis's First Avenue

Because if you're going to pay tribute to Prince, it's good to do it at First Avenue.
Noisey Staff

Atmosphere's Slug Is Still, Always, Finding a Balance

Riding around the festival grounds at Soundset, the Rhymesayers founder discusses fan expectations and reveals there's a new Atmosphere album on the way.
Andres Tardio
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Minneapolis Remembers Prince: "The Personification of Cool"

We talked to fans who showed up at Minneapolis's impromptu all-night celebration to remember the city's favorite son.
Nathan Sacks

Raise Your Fist to Book of Sand's Black Metal 'Occult Anarchist Propaganda'

This Minneapolis-based, weirdly addictive black metal project circles that A instead of inverting the cross.
Kim Kelly
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Rhymesayers Entertainment Is Never Going Out of Style

The independent Minneapolis hip-hop label's 20th anniversary concert was a victory lap with performances from Atmosphere, Brother Ali, I Self Divine, Dilated Peoples, Dem Atlas, Grieves, and many more.
Steve McPherson