Wayne Kramer Is Still Kicking Out the Jams

The MC5 frontman talks about 'The Hard Stuff,' his new memoir chronicling the turbulent, debaucherous rise of his pioneering Detroit band.
Corbin Reiff
The 2017 Music Issue

Maybe the People Would Be the Times

One writer remembers the 1970s New York City music scene, which we have to thank for everything.
Luc Sante
The 2017 Music Issue

For Patty Schemel, Hole Was About Playing Through the Pain

'Hit So Hard,' the upcoming memoir by Hole’s drummer Patty Schemel, is a brutally honest tale of grunge in the 90s.
Patty Schemel
Noisey News

Mick Jagger Doesn’t Remember Writing His Own 75,000-Word Memoir

Look, the 80s were probably a blur for lots of people.
Noisey Staff

Steve Jones Was a Teenage Sex Pistol

From the abuse to the spiraling drug addiction, the rock 'n' roll, masturbation, and thievery—no topic is sacrosanct for the Sex Pistol guitarist.
Jonathan Valania

Brian Wilson's Happily Ever After (or a Close Approximation Thereof)

The legendary Beach Boys auteur's new memoir tells the story of a troubled, gifted man battling his own mind. We sat down with him to talk past, present, and 'Pet Sounds.'
Jonathan Valania

Boys Don't Cry: A Story of Rock 'n' Roll and Surviving The Cure

The Cure co-founder charts his friendship with Robert Smith, his 13 years in the band, and his struggle with booze. It's the only insider book published and here's the first extract.
Mischa Pearlman

This Journalist Lived Every Rock ’n’ Roll Cliché You Could Dream Of

From Bey to Prince to Mariah, Sylvia Patterson's quizzed them all and navigated some dicey waters. She talks frankly here, plus read an exclusive extract from her book.
Eve Barlow
mandatory happiness

About That Title

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace explains why she decided to title her memoir 'TRANNY.'
Laura Jane Grace