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Travis Scott and Big Boi Will Join Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl

Scott and the NFL will donate $500,000 to Van Jones's Dream Corps, but the rapper's decision to perform has drawn criticism from public figures who insist that artists should boycott the league.
Alex Robert Ross
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Maroon 5, Please Don’t Ruin Cardi B

The new Maroon 5 song "Girls Like You," featuring Cardi B, is god awful.
Shaad D’Souza
Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Millennial "Stairway to Heaven?" A Battle Royale

Is it Kanye? Coldplay? Could it be... Keane?
Phil Witmer
Remembering Things

A Brief History of Maroon 5's Corny Collaborations With Rappers

Doing everything is in many ways the key to musical success these days, and it’s a tactic Maroon 5 has mastered, seen nowhere as well as through the puzzling fruits of their musical collaborations.
Kate Dries
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Here's a Super Weird Video for SZA's Maroon 5 Collab, "What Lovers Do"

Somewhere between a Pixar movie and a fever dream.
Lauren O'Neill
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How We Got to a Place Where SZA Is on a Maroon 5 Song

"What Lovers Do" is one song in a long line of confusing but actually really savvy decisions.
Lauren O'Neill
Remix Report Card

Thank Kendrick and Missy Elliott for Keeping the Summer Event Remix Alive

Plus, Gucci Mane runs the remix circuit and Young Thug cosigns Sahbabii in this edition of the Remix Report Card.
Al Shipley
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Trip Balls (and Watch Future Turn into a Bear) to Maroon 5's New Video for "Cold"

I'm confused, not least because this is kind of … good?
Noisey Staff
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Future Did Everything Today

A new album for this week, a spring tour, and... Maroon 5.
Phil Witmer
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Watch Kendrick Lamar Link Up with Maroon 5 for "Don't Wanna Know" at the AMAs

Further evidence that Kendrick can make absolutely anything cool.

Lauren O'Neill
Objectively Correct Lists

Here Are All of Kendrick Lamar's Cheesiest Pop Collaborations, Ranked

Adam Levine appears twice on this list.
Noisey Canada Staff
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Wait, What? Kendrick Lamar and Maroon 5 Have Released a Collaboration

The track is called "Don't Wanna Know" and it's a stroke of genius.
Noisey Staff