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Stream Kitty's New Track "Drink Tickets" and Celebrate the Highest Form of Currency for Kids in Their 20s

The single comes from the annual Adult Swim Singles series.
Eric Sundermann

Listen to Kitty's New EP 'Frostbite'

The rapper shows her new, electronic direction.
Drew Millard

Listen to "Brush Me Off" by Pat Lukens, Kitty, and Sad Andy

The lovers' thirst-rock that your Thursday needs.
Noisey Staff

We Interviewed the Shit Out of 50 Cent

We sent Kitty Pryde to go interview 50 Cent about his new record, and his old videogames.
Kitty Pryde

Liveblogging the New Beyoncé Album with Kitty Pryde

Because Beyoncé is the queen of the universe, I spent money on this album on iTunes. It is 12:41 am on a Friday night and I am actually currently typing my iTunes password into iTunes because I'm paying money for this music on iTunes. Oh, now it's done. H
Kitty Pryde

2013: The Most OK Year Ever

Kitty Pryde reflects on her sort of shitty, sort of amazing 2013.
Kitty Pryde
New music

Watch Kitty's New Video, "Hittin' Lixx"

The new visuals for "Hittin' Lixx" find KP eschewing Manic Pixie Dream Girl for Girl, Interrupted.
Sasha Hecht
música nueva

Listen to Kitty's New Banger, "Barbie Jeep" (Produced by Hot Sugar)

Noisey fam/Rap Game Pippi Longstocking fights back against the reviled Nightlife Creeper and pulls no punches.
Sasha Hecht
Sittin' Sidewayz... With Skinny Friedman

Kitty Pryde Might Have Gotten Booed Last Night, But She's Still Winning

So while what happened last night was unpleasant, it’s important to keep the long view on this. Kitty spit to several hundred people whether some of them wanted her there or not and that fact is more important than a few dudes feeling some kind of way abo
Skinny Friedman

My Thoughts On This Whole Danny Brown Oral Sex Thing

I'm currently on tour with Danny Brown, and last Friday he was sexually assaulted onstage in front of a bunch of people in Minneapolis. It's obvious the reason nobody will call this an assault is because a girl did it to a boy.
Kitty Pryde
Bad Advice... With Kitty Pryde

The Internet Is Scary

As of six months ago, my Facebook fanpage is like a dojo where hormonal teenagers hone their technique. Here is a heartfelt poem from some kid who wants to rape, kill, and marry me.
Kitty Pryde
SXSW 2013

Here's What I Learned at My First SXSW

I'm sorry, Macklemore. We both know what I said on my blog once. I never thought I'd ever run into you ever.
Kitty Pryde