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Quincy Jones's New Documentary Looks Even Better Than That Wild Interview

The legendary producer shares the trailer to 'Quincy,' his upcoming documentary on Netflix.
Kristin Corry
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Eminem Just Surprise Released A New Album Called 'Kamikaze'

It's the first Eminem album since last year's 'Revival'. Kendrick Lamar and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon are both credited on the album.
Shaad D’Souza

Music Has Embraced Living Clean Over Living Fast

Musicians no longer seem to be ashamed of appearing to take care of their own health, and that's a good thing.
Jeremy Allen

Mac Miller Is at His Lyrical Best on 'Swimming'

The Pittsburgh rapper's new record is about recovery, but he's sharp enough to resist the simple narratives.
Alex Robert Ross
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Spotify to Restore XXXTentacion Songs to Their Playlists After Outcry

The company's "hateful conduct" policy was reportedly protested by Kendrick Lamar, who threatened to pull his music from the platform.
Phil Witmer
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Janet Jackson Thinks New Artists Are More Courageous Than Ever

In an interview with Billboard, Janet Jackson talks about her legacy, new music, and who she's listening to today.
Kristin Corry
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Jay Rock's "Win" Is Victorious As Hell

Like, there are trumpets. Plus: it features Kendrick Lamar on the ad-lib.
Lauren O'Neill
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Watch SZA and Kendrick Fight Ninjas in New "Doves In The Wind" Video

SZA's released a new martial arts-themed video for her Kendrick Lamar-featuring 'Ctrl' cut "Doves In The Wind."
Shaad D’Souza
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Kendrick Lamar Just Won a Pulitzer Prize

In what amounts to a massive shock, the Pulitzer Prize for Music has gone to the 30-year-old Compton rapper in honor of his 2017 album, 'DAMN.'
Alex Robert Ross

Pac Div's Video for "Stoked" Turns Their Day Into a Trippy Odyssey

Stream their new album '1st Baptist' and watch the video for the lead single.
Trey Smith
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Cardi B Says She'll Earn Less from Coachella than She'll Spend On It

In a new interview, she says that despite being paid $70,000 per weekend, she's investing a lot more than that in her Coachella stage show.
Lauren O'Neill
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Here's Kendrick Lamar Rapping Over Classic Dr. Dre Beats Like You Wanted

DJ Critical Hype's 'The Damn. Chronic' has Kendrick spitting on instrumentals from 'The Chronic,' '2001,' and even "Straight Outta Compton."
Phil Witmer