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PeeWee Longway Reveals The Backstory Behind "Can't Get Enough"

Tune into episode 147 this Sunday at 8 AM EST/11 AM PST and 8 PM EST/11 PM PST when Junglepussy, SMRT DEATH, and Prophet also join us for Noisey Radio on Beats 1.
Noisey Staff
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Stream of the Crop: 13 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

A surprise debut LP from Playboi Carti, an unsettling album from Arctic Monkeys, and a candid record from Tee Grizzley top this week's list of essential new projects.
Colin Joyce
Alex Robert Ross
Ryan Bassil
Kristin Corry
Lawrence Burney
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We Got a Taste of "Calgary Nice" at Sled Island, an Extremely Nice Festival

Three years after the worst flood in Calgary history, the festival is healthier than ever, and the city’s close-knit music community is largely to thank.
Zach Kelly

Le1f: "I Don't Think I'm Any Angrier Than I was Before"

The New York CIty 'Riot Boi' discusses discrimination, the "angry black man trope," and utilizing sexuality in rap.
Mathias Rosenzweig
Objectively Correct Lists

“Pussy, Pussy, Power, Power!” Why Female Pop Anthems About Self-Love Dominated 2015

2015 was the year of self-love anthems made by and for women.

Junglepussy: "I'm Supposed to Have This Unique Story of Imperfection"

The forthright Brooklyn rapper talks self-empowerment, 'Pregnant with Success,' and why guys find her scary—and exactly how little she cares.
Ethan Jacobs

Scrapbook: Junglepussy Flips Through Her Old Photo Albums

Junglepussy shares a dozen worth of #tbts.
Mathias Rosenzweig