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Traffic Signs in Iowa Are Using Taylor Swift Lyrics to Get People Off Their Phones

Look what your reckless driving made them do.
Lauren O'Neill

The Midwestern Doom of Aseethe

Stream the Iowa heavyweights' Thrill Jockey debut, 'Hopes of Failure, and read Brian Barr's thoughts on hardcore, riffs, and Slipknot
Gary Suarez
Remembering Things

15 Years of 'Iowa': How Slipknot Purged Themselves to Create a Masterpiece of Suffering

As a relatively well-behaved youth from suburban England, I’m not sure why the lyric “I want to slit your throat and fuck the wound" spoke to me, but it did.
Jack Blocker
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Is This Barn in the Middle of Nowhere the Best Venue in the Midwest?

Six years after its first show, Codfish Hollow is attracting some massive acts. But Marvin will still have to ride you there on a tractor-drawn hayrack.
Kari Paul
the worst things of all time

Mike Huckabee's Dismal Adele Parody Campaign Ad Will Send You to the Other Side

We did not ask for this.
Craig Jenkins
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

William Elliot Whitmore Just Wants to Be Left Alone

Watch the folksy new animated video for "Civilizations" from the farm boy-turned-troubadour.
Kim Kelly
Scene Reports

Des Moines' Retro Pop Scene Will Put You in a Musical Time Machine

Ten bands you need to know from the Midwestern city known for putting bacon on anything.
Matthew Leimkuehler
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Rates 20 Years' Worth of Mayhem

"The whole thing, I think, is sick."
John Hill

Being Regular and Normal with William Elliott Whitmore

Stream his latest album 'Radium Death' in full a week before its release.
Eric Sundermann

PREMIERE: William Elliott Whitmore Shares "Healing to Do" and, Oh Man, the Midwest Is Best

The Iowa-based singer-songwriter returns with his first new music since 2011.
Eric Sundermann
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Mission Creek Festival: The Anti-Bro Festival in Bro County, Iowa

The charming festival happens every year in Iowa, which is a state in the middle of the country, which is an area you probably don't really think about because you're a dick.
Eric Sundermann