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Kanye West Still Thinks the TMZ Interview Was "Beautiful"

In a lengthy New York Times piece, published this morning, West is candid about his mental health, his writing process, and last month's infamous TMZ studio appearance.
Alex Robert Ross

Lotic Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

On the producer's latest album 'POWER', they process a load of emotions and emerge with their lightest (at least for them) listen yet.
Russell Dean Stone
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Donald Glover Knows Migos Are Better Than the Beatles and Elvis

We asked the man behind 'Atlanta' and Childish Gambino for his opinions on everything from Sith Lords to musical icons to cartoons.
Noisey UK Staff
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This J. Cole and Lil Pump Interview Is How We'll Achieve World Peace

The two rap "rivals" sit down and talk about life and compliment each other for an hour. No beef!
Phil Witmer

E-Saggila's New Techno Single Feels Like Hardcore With a Concussion

"Viper" is the dark and delirious first track from 'Dedicated to Sublimity,' her debut full-length.
Colin Joyce

O Fucc You Need to Hear Prison Religion, The Next Great Noise Scientists

The Virginia duo's 'O FUCC IM ON THE WRONG PLANET'—a delirious stew of the noxious runoff of club beats, noise, screamed rhymes, and industrial music—is out today. It's overwhelming, to say the least.
Colin Joyce

Cassus' 'Separation Anxiety' Is Inventive Screamo That Hammers at Capitalism

We premiere the English emoviolence crew's endlessly vital new album and talk to them about surviving in a future that seems designed to bring you to the depths.
Daniel G. Wilson
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This Interview Will Make You Care About Dave Matthews

Vulture's David Marchese spoke to the alternative rock luminary about life, loss, and therapy.
Alex Robert Ross

'Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose': A Candid Conversation With Plan B

Ahead of his new album we spoke about becoming a father, being a Londoner and truly knowing himself.
Aniefiok Ekpoudom

Who the Fxck Is scarlxrd?

His breakthrough video for "HEART ATTACK" has 27 million views, but until now, no one really knew who he was.
Noisey UK Staff

Here It Is: Ben Khan’s Comeback Interview

The British artist is finally releasing his debut album. He’s always been elusive and secretive, so we asked him a bunch of questions such as ‘Ben, where’ve you been?!’
Ryan Bassil
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The Extended Cut of Kanye West's TMZ Interview Is Hard to Watch

There's more footage of West shouting towards the TMZ newsroom, and more thoughts from Van Lathan, whose eloquent response to West's comments stood out in a shorter clip yesterday.
Alex Robert Ross