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I Tagged Along as Sleaford Mods Delivered Their New EP to People's Houses

Would we get attacked or showered in love? There was only one way to find out – jumping in the van and hitting the road.
Daniel Dylan Wray
3 days ago

Eminem Says He's Happy When He's Angry, Which...Makes Sense

The 'Kamikaze' rapper is airing out his grievances in an interview with Sway Calloway.
Kristin Corry

Ellis Hits the Self-Destruct Button On The Woeful “What a Mess”

In her first interview, the Hamilton, ON indie dream pop singer talks about moving away from Toronto and the serious pursuit of being a singer-songwriter.
Sarah MacDonald

The Blaze Explore Humanity with Some of the Best Videos You’ve Seen

We went to Paris to speak to the electronic duo about their new visual “Queens” and how they came to make such vivid art together.
Ryan Bassil

Wild Nothing Is Back to Doing What He Does Best

On fourth album ‘Indigo’, Jack Tatum returns to the dream-pop sound of which he is a 21st century master.
Ryan Bassil

Ava Luna Dream of a Better World on Their Weirdo Pop Album 'Moon 2'

The Brooklyn pop group channel several years of solo work into a wonderful statement on the power of fantasy and community, demonstrated in the video for their new single "Childish," premiering here.
Colin Joyce
kanye west

Kanye West Brings His Galaxy Brain to 'Kimmel' for a Troubling Interview

Kimmel briefly challenged West on his pro-Trump comments, but the rapper mostly hit all of his old marks.
Alex Robert Ross

Melody's Echo Chamber's 'Bon Voyage' is The Psychedelic Trip of the Year

We spoke to the French musician about her wildly experimental, impressively cohesive, bi-lingual musical fantasia of a new record.
Jeremy Allen
Noisey Mix

Raze the Dancefloor With Pobvio’s Chaotic Mix of Underground Club Music

The Uruguay-based artist blends genres from across continental borders as “a very powerful healing tool” in this week’s Noisey Mix.
Colin Joyce

The Rebirth of William Doyle, the Artist FKA East India Youth

After anxiety and a relentless schedule drove him away from music, Doyle has returned with a record inspired by his experiences of British suburbia.
Tom Connick

I Hope Our Bleak Future Resembles the Music in 'Detroit: Become Human'

The video game is as triumphant as it is traumatic, and—in the case of one character’s story—that’s down to the work of composer Philip Sheppard.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey News

Kanye West Still Thinks the TMZ Interview Was "Beautiful"

In a lengthy New York Times piece, published this morning, West is candid about his mental health, his writing process, and last month's infamous TMZ studio appearance.
Alex Robert Ross