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You’re All Following Henry Rollins’ Manager’s Instagram Account, Right?

Please follow this glorious account of music's notoriously angry man letting his guard down, if you're not already doing so.
Dan Ozzi
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What Is Earl Sweatshirt Trying to Tell Us?

The rapper has been hinting at new music on his Instagram all week.
Kristin Corry
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Taylor Swift Discusses Her Politics For The First Time in Years

The notoriously apolitical popstar has posted a long paragraph on Instagram about who she'll be voting for in the November midterms.
Shaad D’Souza
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Kanye Has Had ENOUGH of Drake

The Chicago rapper had a lot of thoughts about Drake after what seems like a long, windy walk. It just "didn't sit right with [his] spirit."
Kristin Corry
Holy Shit

Hey Kid, Wanna See Lil Pump Throw a Fire Extinguisher Through a TV?

We're looking forward to 'Harverd Dropout.'
Eric Sundermann

The Rise of 6ixBuzz TV From Wasteman Memes to Toronto's Hip-Hop Centre

The creators of the popular Instagram account explain their rise in Toronto's barren media landscape and becoming a voice for the city's youths.
Jabbari Weekes
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Meeting The Teenagers Who Still Stan My Chemical Romance

Being a super-fan of a band who broke up five years ago is a unique situation, but one that persists with MCR.
Gina Tonic

Drake Shares Statement on “The Story of Adidon” Blackface Photo

Drizzy has shared a paragraph explaining David Leyes' blackface portrait that was used in PUSHA-T's latest track.
Shaad D’Souza

LB Is the Teenage Rap Sensation You're Too Old to Know About

The 16-year-old Toronto rapper explains how the internet and 'NBA2K' pushed him into the spotlight and his debut project 'So Spiffy.'
Sharine Taylor
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Will Smith Has Been Reborn as a Motivational Instagram Speaker

A deep dive into his journey from Fresh Prince to Rumi-quoting, life advice giver.
Ryan Bassil
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Will Smith Hits Peak Dad Remaking Jaden Smith's “ICON” Video

It's like the most intricate and loving dad joke.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Who Is Sending Snoop Dogg Pictures of Sex Dolls?

Show yourself, coward.
Kristin Corry