Remembering Things

Dâm-Funk Breaks Down the Freaky Influence of Electro Pioneers Uncle Jamm's Army

Ahead of a new documentary he scored, we join the LA funk scion in his studio to talk about growing up with the game-changing hip-hop crew, attracting women with vinyl, and why funk is like "a smile with a tear."
Torii MacAdams

The Electronic Legacy Gustavo Cerati Left Us

The legendary Argentinian musician was one of the pioneers of South American electronic music.
Eduardo Santos Galeano
Noisey Specials

We Sent Big Narstie to Live Out His 'Game of Thrones' Dreams

Welcome to 'Big Narstie's Game of Thrones', complete with a bunch of sex-loving, medieval battle re-enactors.
Noisey UK Staff
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A Brief But Very Informative History of How Fascists Infiltrated Punk and Metal

Since the 1970s, fascists have been trying to push their ideology on punks and metalheads by cloaking it in esotericism and "free expression."
Alexander Reid Ross
Noisey News

Google Celebrates Hip-Hop’s Birthday by Teaching You How to Mix Records

The Google doodle project, narrated by Fab 5 Freddy, celebrates the 44th anniversary of DJ Kool Herc's seminal Bronx party.
Noisey Staff

Northumbria Translate the Harshness of the Canadian Arctic into Instrumental Bliss

Watch the stunning new video for "Wonderstrands" and read bassist Dorian Williamson's thoughts on Canadian culture and instrumental expression
Ned Raggett

Desert Stars Festival: The Best Indie Rock Fest Keeps It Intimate in Joshua Tree

Everyone from Dinosaur Jr. to Sebadoh are playing, so we spoke to the fest founder about his vision and there will be no people in headdresses taking selfies.
Derek Scancarelli

PREMIERE: Let Ghostlimb School Your Ass On History With “A Gobi Of Suburbs”

Ghostlimb frontman, Vitriol Records founder, and history professor Justin Smith opens up about double lives and his band's new record, 'Difficult Loves.'
Ben Sailer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Love You Goodbye: Watch One Direction's Final Performance

Say goodbye to the boys with "History" performed on X-Factor.
John Hill

Retrospective Sexism: How Women Are Written Out of British Indie Music History

Surprisingly, my experience and appreciation of British rock, indie and Britpop went further than manic hysteria or wanting to shag the lead singers.
Eli Davies

Dam Gila's Video for "History" Is a Trip

Marching migrant amphibians, volcanic vistas, murderous gorillas, the usual.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Fetty Wap Performed "679" on 'The Tonight Show' with the Roots

Hey what's up hello!