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Listen to “We Appreciate Power,” Grimes's Absolute Monster of a New Single

Grimes has dropped "We Appreciate Power" feat HANA, the first taste of her upcoming fifth album.
Shaad D’Souza
Noisey News

Tesla Says Azealia Banks' Claim That Elon Musk Tweets on Acid Is "Nonsense"

The New York rapper says she went out to LA to collaborate with Grimes before things went sideways. Who even knows anymore?
Colin Joyce

Grimes Is Playing Herself By Defending Elon Musk

Grimes used to be a feminist warrior. Now, she's spending most of her time defending Elon Musk on Twitter. What happened?
Shaad D’Souza
New music

K-Pop Group yyxy Just Released a New Single with Grimes... Apparently

The four-piece K-pop group, who are part of a 12-piece K-pop group, appear without Grimes in the video for the song, and nobody's quite sure what the pop wunderkind's role is here. Still, it's a fun, sugary bit of pop.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Exploring

Avril Lavigne Is Dating a Billionaire Heir and We Are Very Happy for Them

Possibly following in the footsteps of fellow Canadian Grimes, Lavigne is reportedly dating Phillip Sarofim, who's not as famous as Chad Kroeger but much richer.
Phil Witmer
Met Gala

This Year’s Met Gala Looks Were Fucking Satanic

Rihanna, Cardi and SZA killed it. Katy Perry... looked like a furry.
Shaad D’Souza
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Grimes Is a Lot Better at ‘Bloodborne’ Than I Am

Over on Twitch, you can watch Claire Boucher kill some blood-poisoned monsters—I think that’s what this game is about—and talk about Animal Collective.
Colin Joyce
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Grimes Shares a Playlist of Songs She Likes, Continues to Be a Delight

SZA, and Cardi B, and Kelela, oh my!
Lauren O'Neill
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Grimes' Best Album is Getting a Live Classical Revamp

This might be the coolest thing to ever happen to music.
Lauren O'Neill
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Preview Grimes and Janelle Monae’s Futuristic Visual for Their “Venusfly” Collab

The track originally appeared on Grimes' album 'Art Angels,' and now it's getting the music video treatment.
Lauren O'Neill
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Grimes and Sia Say They Will Match Donations to Civil Rights Organizations

In retaliation to Donald Trump's refugee and immigration policy, both musicians encouraged their fans to donate to CAIR and ACLU.
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Gorillaz Guitarist Noodle Just Blessed Us With This Mix Of “Kick-Ass Women”

ABRA, Grimes, Fatima Al-Qadiri, Mica Levi, Empress Of, and Anna Meredith show up, among many others.
Lauren O'Neill