Music Videos Have Revolutionized Our Views on Sex and Gender

Ryann Donnelly’s first book ‘Justify My Love: Sex, Subversion and Music Video’ is about sex in music videos, as inspired by her life as a musician. We spoke to her about it.
Hannah Ewens
international relations

Fighting Corruption in Peru with Perra Vida's Hardcore Feminist Punk

"The incredibly high number of femicides, rapes, and sexual exploitation—in conjunction with many other horrible things, it makes you want to collapse and cry. But it can also motivate you to actually do something."
Javier Ibarra
grammys 2018

The 2018 Grammys Shut Women Out

Only one female solo artist was awarded all night, despite cursory nods to #TimesUp and #MeToo.
Lauren O'Neill

Clear a Path, Motherfuckers, Primal Rite Is Here

Power Trip's Riley Gale talks to vocalist Lucy Xavier about her band's hardcore ethics, the fluidity of gender, and the wisdom of Bruce Lee.
Riley Gale

Tribulation Are Death Metal Goths Who Love Lord Byron and Fuck with Metal's Macho Imagery

The Swedish extreme metal phenomenons explain how 18th century Romantic poetry inspires the decadent darkness on their new LP, 'Down Below.'
Joseph Schafer
Noisey News

Read ANOHNI's Powerful Letter on Gender and the State of the World

It follows on from her Future Feminism festival, which began earlier this month.
Lauren O'Neill

Tegan and Sara Have Launched a New Foundation to Fight for LGBTQ Women

We talked to the duo about how their new organization plans to help in the next four years and beyond.
Oset Babur
Thinkpieces And Shit

Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’ is Still Teaching Me How to Be Free

On her iconic debut album, her refusal to fit into the cookie cutter version of womanhood legitimised my own sense of self.
Daisy Jones
festivals 2016

A Rave-Inspired Art Project Is Breaking Down Gender at a North Carolina Music Festival

Body Scrub, Gender, an installation at Moogfest, shows that gender is not binary—it’s a floating point number.
Allie Volpe
In Memoriam

Prince Wrote About Women in a Way That Most Contemporary Male Artists Still Can't

Women usually exist in men’s songs as passive objects, which is to not exist at all. With Prince, they were addressed with awe and empathy.
Emma Garland
International Women's Day 2016

We Spoke to Robyn About Why Her Festival Is for Teen Girls Only

"You don’t learn when you’re nervous, you learn when it’s playful and safe."
Daisy Jones

Two Steps on the Water Write Songs About Trauma, Transness, Bodily Fluids and Language

The femme-fronted heavy folk/punk trio are all about sad songs and inclusiveness in the music scene.
Sam Eckhardt