Hooded Menace's New LP Mixes Gothic Romance with Sinister Death/Doom

Stream the Finnish death/doom stalwart's dark, eerie, and surprisingly melodic new album, out January 26 on Season of Mist.
Cody Davis

Kohti Tuhoa Is a Crucial New Voice in Finnish Hardcore

Stream the rising Helsinki punks' killer new album and read an interview with guitarist Ville Valavuo on black metal, health care, and how to get a record deal.
Kevin Stewart-Panko
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What It's Like to Be a Diehard Fan of The Rasmus After All These Years

We spoke to some hardcore devotees of the Finnish rock band to find out what exactly fuels their love.
Daisy Jones

ALMA Wants to Be Finland’s First Major Pop Star

The Nordic country's pop impact has often come second to its Swedish neighbors, but this 21-year-old is set on taking her sound worldwide.
Ryan Bassil

Ranger's 'Speed & Violence' Is Exactly What Heavy Metal Needs Right Now

Stream the fist-pumping, all-killer, no-filler new album from these 80s-obsessed Finns.
Kim Kelly

Grave Pleasures's 'Funeral Party' Will Have You Dancing with Tears in Your Eyes

Listen to the Finnish death rockers' apocalyptic new seven-inch, and read our chat about death, masculinity, and survival tactics with Mat McNerney.
Kim Kelly

I Became Obsessed with a Lo-Fi Finnish Power Pop Song So I Tracked Down the Songwriter in Helsinki

Teemu Tanner knows how to write a pop song with many double u’s and i’s in the title.
Tim Scott
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Finnish Psych Superfreaks Atomikylä Just Dropped a Mind-Blowing New Album, 'Keräily'

The newest collection of dark, hypnotic psychedelic freakouts from members of Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising is now available from Svart Records.
Kim Kelly

Tusmörke's's New Album Is a Freaky Frolic Through Acid Folk and Weird Prog

Caper along with these Finnish prog weirdos on their new album, 'Fort Bak Lyset' (out 4/1 via Svart Records).
Kim Kelly

Finnish Black Metal Radicals Oranssi Pazuzu Set the Sky Ablaze in Their New Video for "Lahja"

Taken from the experimental black metal kings' upcoming new album, 'Värähtelijä,' the video for "Lahja" is an auditory trip, and a visual feast.
Kim Kelly
Holy Shit

LCMDF Strikes Out at Finland's Heavy Metal Patriarchy With a New Electro-Pop Anthem, "Rookie"

"I'm so done with the metal scene / I'm so done with the dudes who think they're better than me!"
Kim Kelly

Meet Hevisaurus, the Heavy Metal Dinosaur Band That Scandinavian Kids Are Obsessed With

They are bloodthirsty warrior beasts, yes, but bloodthirsty warrior beasts that drink milk, eat cookies, and stay in school, YEAH!
Jak Hutchcraft