People Had No Fucking Clue What to Do with Vivian Girls

Ten years after its release, the Brooklyn trio's debut album is still a feminist masterpiece—and a complicated exploration of what it means to be a cool girl in a male-dominated scene.
Annie Fell
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Madge Is a DIY Electro Pop Wizard

Alongside her new track “How to Play”, we spoke to the LA-based artist about going from strict Mormonism to eclectic beatmaker.
Daisy Jones
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This New Orleans DIY Band Make Hooky 80s Music to Dance to

They're called Sexy Dex and the Fresh and we're premiering their new video “Play Me Birdie” today.
Daisy Jones
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Pizzagirl Makes Music That Sounds Like All Your Fave 80s Teen Movies

Today we’re premiering the Liverpudlian bedroom pop artist’s new track “Highschool.”
Daisy Jones

UK Doom Rock Gods Orange Goblin Will Never Stop Never Stopping

The heavy riffing mainstays have spent 20 years rocking on their own terms—even when it almost ruined them. Now, they're older, wiser, and stronger than ever.
Kevin Stewart-Panko
Scene Reports

Turkey's Death Metal Scene Thrives Despite Government Repression

With an authoritarian strongman in office and music venues scarce, brutal bands like Engulfed and Hellsodomy are still keeping the faith in Ankara and Istanbul.
Paul Benjamin Osterlund

Stream Deeper's Debut, an Indie Rock Record About Being Anxious in Chicago

The Chicago quartet talks to Noisey about their nervy brand of Midwestern indie rock. Stream their self-titled freshman effort ahead of its May 25 debut right here.
Josh Terry

Sick Shit's New EP Is Exactly What Its Name Promises

Stream 'Thick Spit,' the powerfully pissed new seven-inch from these thrashy North Jersey powerviolence punks.
Kim Kelly

Clear a Path, Motherfuckers, Primal Rite Is Here

Power Trip's Riley Gale talks to vocalist Lucy Xavier about her band's hardcore ethics, the fluidity of gender, and the wisdom of Bruce Lee.
Riley Gale

Shamir Has Always Been a Grungy Little Punk Kid

We spoke to the Las Vegas singer about how he ripped everything up to start again on his latest, lo-fi album 'Revelations.'
Daisy Jones
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Akron's Booming DIY Scene Is Best Heard from Its Porches

The city's PorchRokr 2017 festival saw 135 acts play to 12,000 people. For free. We caught it all and spoke to local band Time Cat about the city's scene.
Alex Dorman

For Primitive Man, Misery Is a Way of Life

Stream the Denver doom trio's visceral new album, 'Caustic,' and read vocalist Ethan McCarthy's thoughts on DIY, gentrification, and feeling bad.
Ben Hutcherson