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Yung Lean Taps into His Inner Dylan on Lo-Fi ‘Nectar’ Project

It'd be hyperbolic to call him a modern-day Bob Dylan but this recent release: a) involves guitars and beat poetry; and b) is the best and most honest thing he’s made.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey Raps

Kris Wu Likes Cars Almost as Much As He Likes Rap

Kris Wu shows us his rare car collection and brings us to the studio while he finishes his debut album, 'Antares,' in this installment of Noisey Raps.
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

AJ Tracey's Gone Back to His Grime Roots With "Doing It"

The icy, Swifta Beater-produced track premiered last night at a west London skatepark, where the UK artist announced his debut album.
Ryan Bassil

How Jai Paul's Influence Has Spread Beyond Simple Rip-Offs

The elusive British producer's two singles effected music in far-reaching ways that continue to be felt even today.
Ryan Bassil

Sheck Wes Has His Foot on the World's Neck

Kristin Corry

Tirzah’s Stunning Debut Is a Masterclass in the Art of Patience

The London artist's lo-fi debut full-length comes five years after her first solo EP, and proves she's an experimental songwriter worth waiting on.
Ryan Bassil
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I Am Floating and I Am Listening to Ben Khan's New Track "ruby"

How does this song feel? Like sailing into the wind on a magic carpet made from dreams.
Ryan Bassil
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Ben Khan Returns From a Three Year Hiatus With “2000 Angels”

Fucking! Watch! This! Video!
Ryan Bassil
Remembering Things

‘Antidotes’ Still Hints at Foals Being This Generation’s Radiohead

Ten years on, Foals' first record is a singular, expansive piece of art.
Sam Willis

Soccer Mommy's 'Clean' Is an Indie Rock Exorcism

On her debut album, out today, Sophie Allison purges her experiences and heeds the lessons they teach while retaining the charm of her earlier work.
Lauren O'Neill
Remembering Things

The Definitive History of New Rave in Eight Tracks, Narrated by Jamie from Klaxons

To mark the 10th anniversary of ‘Myths of the Near Future’, we revisited the scene that had you wearing neon skinny jeans and doing bumps of ket and glitter in the club.
Daisy Jones
Remembering Things

Teen Sweat and Puke, Drugs and Dressing in Drag: How Ash Wrote Their Debut LP '1977'

The band celebrate their debut's 20th anniversary with a '1977' tour, plus they tell us about all the debauchery that went into making their still incredible number one album.
Cam Lindsay