Cultural Appropriation


HDLSS "Colonizer" Is a Dark Pop Takedown of Cultural Cannibals

The shrewdly infectious track, which includes a Steve Reich nod and a Toni Morrison sample, is the latest from the NYC duo's forthcoming LP 'DUMB.'
Andrea Domanick
the worst things of all time

Congrats America! You've Figured Out Dancehall!

Let Emily and her friends cluelessly inform you on the hip new "island vibes" of a decades-old genre and tradition.
Noisey Canada Staff

An Interview with Paul Simon, One of the Last Burning Stars in the Pre-Internet Galaxy

Paul Simon was taking about cultural appropriation before the Internet was even born, but what does the seasoned songwriter think about modern pop in today's hyper-connected world?
Tshepo Mokoena

We Talked to FKA twigs' Voguing Collaborator Derek FKA Jamel Prodigy

Part of twigs' acclaimed Congregata show, Derek's lessons directly inspired "Figure 8," so we caught up with the vogue don to discuss dancing, appropriation and the magic of FKA.
Jocelyn Silver
what we want from 2015

What We Want From Pop Stars in 2015

How can music move forward when our idea of what makes a pop star "controversial" is making everything increasingly boring?
Emma Garland
2014 in Review

This Is How We Don't: The Raised Stakes of Appropriation

Why the wanton jacking of black culture by white artists carried an extra edge in 2014.
Kasai Rex
2014 in Review

2014: The Year Feminism Reclaimed Pop

This year feminism was as big of a buzz word as booty, but are Nicki, Bey, Taylor, J.Lo, Iggy, Meghan Trainor, et al pushing the conversation forward? We assess the situation.
Kat George

Hear the First Song from Pop-Punk Prodigies, Chumped, Off Their Debut Album ‘Teenage Retirement’

"Songs About Boats."
Dan Ozzi