London Sleaze Punks Goat Girl Look Life's Absurdities in the Eye

When everything is political, the band’s off-the-cuff, often satirical social commentary is a welcome palette cleanser to the heaviness of modern life.
Andrea Domanick
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Here Is a Song Made Up Entirely of Shania Twain's Facebook Page Comments

YouTube comedy-songwriter Hot Dad sings the strangeness of the comment section, with every spelling mistake intact.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

The National Revisit 'Bob’s Burgers' for Some Thanksgiving Cheer

"Give It to Teddy" is a gently uplifting cover of the end credits music from last week's episode of the FX comedy.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Chance the Rapper Smashed It on ‘SNL’ Last Night

In his first ever stint as a 'Saturday Night Live' host, Chance was wry, versatile, and funny-as-hell.
Alex Robert Ross

Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster Tell Us What Rocks, Rots, and Rules

Ahead of two shows celebrating the 20th anniversary of their legendary skit, we speak with Scharpling and Wurster about 'The Best Show,' Ed Sheeran, and Mac DeMarco.
Nick Gazin

A Definitely Not at All Biased History of ItsTheReal by the ItsTheReal Guys

On the release of the hip-hop sketch comedy duo's debut album 'Teddy Bear Fresh,' they tell their story.
Its TheReal
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J Mascis Gets Fired (Twice) in New Funny or Die Video

“I’m not really a relationship kind of guy,” the Dinosaur Jr. frontman says in a 20-minute ‘Long Haired Businessmen’ clip.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's Dave Chappelle as Emcee, Thundercat on Bass, and Robert Glasper Doing Everything

Thundercat's Irving Plaza show last night went somewhere fun.
Alex Robert Ross

A Look Inside 'Nirvanna the Band the Show,' the New Show Not About Nirvana

We meet up with the pranksters behind the cult web series-turned-VICELAND show about two loser, wannabe musicians from Toronto.
Kate Killet
Internet Exploring

Hey You! Watch Hannibal Buress Kick Flavor Flav's Face Off

Flavor Flav, dicks out, cold bath, smoke bombs, kick to face... The Eric Andre Show everybody.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Henry Rollins Critique and Destroy Dr. Suess' 'Oh The Places You'll Go'

"Am I a pain in the ass? I'm complaining by the first page."
John Hill

Jim Breuer & The Loud and Rowdy get Loud, Rowdy on "Old School"

It's the second single to be released from the stand-up comedian's metal/comedy record 'Songs From The Garage'.
Noisey Staff