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Alex Wang's 'A Brave New World' Is Nu-Metal Nightmare Fuel

The Shanghai-based producer's new music video offers a scathing commentary on rapid urbanization in present day China.
Noisey China

Higher Brothers Go Old School and Set the Bar for 2019 on "Open It Up"

The Sichuanese rap stars are also announcing a new album, 'Five Stars,' out February 22.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey Raps

Kris Wu Likes Cars Almost as Much As He Likes Rap

Kris Wu shows us his rare car collection and brings us to the studio while he finishes his debut album, 'Antares,' in this installment of Noisey Raps.
Noisey Staff

This New Compilation Wants to Share Mongolian Folk Metal With the World

Stream 'Sound of the Raging Steppe,' a new compilation of five Mongolian and Kazakh folk-influenced heavy metal bands.
Kim Kelly
New music

Shanghai-Based 33EMYBW’s New Video "Golem" Is a Futuristic Acid Trip

Noisey China talked with the electronic musician about the inspiration for her new album.
Noisey China
Noisey News

Winning Chinese Show 'Singer' Is the Smartest Thing Jessie J Has Ever Done

It's easy to laugh at Jessie J for competing on the TV show, but it's actually a marketing power move.
Lauren O'Neill

Get Lost in Kosmogyr's Transcontinental Atmospheric Black Metal

Stream 'Evternity,' the rising Shanghai/Prague-based atmospheric black metal duo's grandiose debut LP.
Kim Kelly

Higher Brothers Are Chinese Hip-Hop's Greatest Hope

Between Chengdu and Shenzhen last year, the relentless trap four-piece told us—as they tell everyone—that they wanted to "bring their Worldwide Shit to the entire world." This year, they'll get their chance.
Lauren Teixeira
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How A Reality TV Show Has Catalyzed the Rise of Rap in China

Censorship? FOH! Hip hop is blowing up in Chongqing and Chengdu.
Jamie Fullerton
Internet Exploring

Let's Talk About the Chinese Village That Worships the Sax and Kenny G

A New York Times story explores Sidangkou, the "saxophone capital" of China, and buddy, we're about it.
Phil Witmer

Howie Lee Gets Beat Up and Climbs a Mountain in His Genre-Hopping New Video

The Chinese producer plays himself in a parallel world in the visual for "Muztagata."
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Justin Bieber Is Banned from China for Causing 'Discontent Among the Public'

He's now not allowed to perform in the People's Republic, according to an official statement.
Lauren O'Neill