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Give Thanks for This Full-Length Tribute to Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Emotion'

Fifteen artists got together to cover every song on Jepsen's pop masterpiece, and all the proceeds from the album's sales are going to Immigration Equality.
Alex Robert Ross

We Talked to the Guy Who Said "Gucci Gang" a Million Times on YouTube

Graham the Christian said "Gucci Gang" on a livestream for two weeks straight to raise money for charity. But what possessed him to do such a thing? And how did he lead anything like a normal life while he did it?
Tamara Güclü

10 Sweet Albums You Should Buy on Bandcamp Today to Support Trans Rights

Vote with your wallet and help Bandcamp raise funds for the Transgender Law Center!
Noisey Staff
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Kenny G Plays Solo on Delta Flight, Passengers Have Sax at 30,000 Feet

A video of his semi-spontaneous solo, obtained by TMZ Saturday, forces us to ask: "What is charity?"
Alex Robert Ross
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Last Night’s New Gen Show Was Proof That Urban Music in the UK is Thriving

Stefflon Don, AJ Tracey, Avelino and Abra Cadabra all showed up to Kamio for a one-off performance in the run up to the BRITs.
Daisy Jones
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Dolly Parton Launches the 'My People Fund' to Aid Victims of the Tennessee Wildfires

The fund will provide $1,000 each month to Sevier County families who have lost their homes in the Great Smoky Mountain tragedy.
Kim Kelly
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Rhymefest Will Turn Kanye West's Childhood Home into an "Arts Incubator"

The Chicago house will be the permanent HQ of the Donda’s House project.
Noisey Staff
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Living with Tinnitus: I Find It Hard to Believe Silence Ever Existed

Tom Bellamy from the band Losers woke up one day with ringing in his ears. Five years on, we asked him to write about life with tinnitus.
Tom Bellamy

Get Back in Touch with Nature Thanks to Common Eider, King Eider's 'Unhuulda'

This environmentally-focused one-man endeavor bends noise and feedback to his will, smoothing out harsh edges into something soothing, gentle, and quite lovely.
Kim Kelly